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Editors Picks: 3 Essential Partywear Pieces To Cop This Christmas

You could wear a cheesy novelty jumper and get a few cheap laughs from your work mates, but then you’re never going to pull the love of your life Shannon from the HR department at your office shindig. However, if you wear one of our professionally selected partywear pieces there’s a chance you’ll get married, have children and have a long and happy life together, all because you dressed like a slick Christmas rock star.


Jamie Carson, Site Editor – The Lace Shirt

White shirts are dead. Long live the lace shirt.

Now I’m not suggesting that you wear this to an interview or funeral, because that wouldn’t go down well now would it. But a Christmas party is the perfect event to pull out such a decadent piece inspired by the ‘80s new romantic movement.

When it comes to styling, think formal rock ‘n’ roll and don’t go overboard on colour for the rest of your outfit, because this is such a statement piece you don’t want to overdo it. I’d recommend a classic leather biker jacket with black skinny jeans and Chelsea boots, and for smarter occasions a black tuxedo.

Although you shouldn’t overdo it on the colour and styling with this shirt, there is room for accessories. With its gothic undertones you should stack silver or gold signet and skull rings together, and match them up with a pendent or crucifix necklace. See it more as a scantily clad Matt Healy from the 1975 kinda look rather than a satanic cult leader.


Dan Copley, Brand Editor – The Check Suit

Enough time has now past since the release of Anchorman that the check suit doesn’t look like the wardrobe staple of ’70s news broadcaster anymore. In fact it no longer looks like retro menswear at all, as its bold colours and skinny silhouettes have evolved the vintage design into the contemporary tailoring leagues.

There are multiple ways to style this out. You could keep up the suit’s modern aesthetic and wear a premium plain t-shirt with a pair of clean white trainers, but if your Christmas party requires you to wear something not so Saturday-night-out-with-the-lads-wheeeeeey, then go for pair of decadent loafers and an open collar white shirt for a nod to the check suit’s Lothario-esque heritage.


Jacob Corner, Junior Editor – The Statement Suit

The statement suit is the tricked out car of the tailoring world. In the same way a brave man once looked at the car in his garage and said ‘Yeah, that’s nice… but what if it was lower and faster and had flames on it?’ the intrepid designers at Topman have looked at suits and gone ‘Yeah, that’s good… but what if it was even better?’

Embellished with gold and flowers and all types of cool stuff, wearing one of these suits to the office party makes you feel like a Renaissance princeling amongst peasants. Look at stupid fat necked sweaty Dave from IT wearing his dad suit with a checked short-sleeved shirt like the total weapon he is. Who’s your office crush going to give the eye? Him? Or you, the man in all this filigreed finery? We both know the answer to that one.

All we’re trying to say is this: the statement suit does to tailoring what Doc Brown did to the DeLorean and if that’s not enough to get you to wear one I don’t know what is.


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