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Eat Your Way To Better Skin

Who knew chocolate would make your skin better?

Eating bad food gives you bad skin – no shit, right? But just eating good stuff isn’t going to give you the glowing skin of an Adonis, it turns out that you need to eat certain foods to get certain benefits. We’re sad to say that pizza doesn’t sort out dark rings and pork scratchings don’t solve spots but you’ll be surprised at the amazing results you’ll get from eating these six commonplace foods:

Hydrate: Dark chocolate
Chocolate lovers rejoice! It’s true that milk chocolate can be detrimental to your skin and even cause some people to break out in pimples, but eating a few squares of dark chocolate every day can actually improve your skin! Dark chocolate that contains above 70% cacao is high in antioxidants and will increase luminosity and hydration.

Firm: Walnuts
A handful of walnuts every day can work wonders for improving your skin’s elasticity. They’re rich in omega 3 and contain copper, which helps to boost the production of collagen – that’s the stuff that stops you going all saggy and weird looking, so you want to keep it flowing as much as possible!

Brighten: Sunflower seeds
Ever wondered why hamsters always look so glossy and appealing? It’s because they spend a large portion of their time stuffing their faces with copious amounts of sunflower seeds. They contain high amounts of vitamin E which keeps your skin supple and bright. Eat a handful a day to reap the benefits, or use sunflower oil to treat dry skin.

Reduce redness: Green tea
If you’re prone to red blotchy skin a cup of green tea can work wonders for calming it down. Try drinking a cup a day to start with and you’ll soon start to notice the results. You can also apply the green tea directly to your face by wetting the tea bags and pressing them onto the affected area for 5 minutes or so to instantly fix angry skin.

Eliminate spots: Flaxseed
If you’re plagued by breakouts then ground flaxseed could be the miracle cure you’ve been looking for. It contains a potent anti-inflammatory which will help to ease the appearance of any unsightly pimples and prevent further breakouts. For best results you can take one tablespoon of ground flaxseed two or three times a day and wash it down with plenty of water.

Fight wrinkles: Red pepper
Red peppers are absolutely packed full of vitamin C, which can go a long way toward preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Studies have also shown that the antioxidants found in peppers can reduce the skins sensitivity to the sun too. Talk about a miracle food!

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