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Dressing The Wedding Party with Vogue’s Ben Evans

When you’re getting married and looking to kit out your groomsmen, it helps if you have a brother who works for Vogue and knows what he’s doing. Luckily for David Evans, his brother Ben is exactly that.

Despite being twins, Ben didn’t snag the role of best man, but his title is arguably more important – head stylist. He took along the groom and four of his five groomsmen (himself included) to Topman Personal Shopping to find the perfect suit for the perfect wedding.




Hey Ben, first things first: is the pressure on?

It is, but it’s mainly coming from me! David has put a lot of faith in me to find a suit that will look great on all of us. It’s a challenge, but a fun one.

You’re joining us today at TOPMAN personal shopping – can you tell us a bit about who is joining you and what each of them bring to the table to make the perfect wedding party?

Alex is the best man, he’s basically the friendship equivalent of Michael Clayton. He’s a consummate fixer and a very funny one at that. Next up is Kev and Rich, David has known them since university, and I imagine they know where all the skeletons are buried but, more importantly, are brilliant fun. Lastly, we’re also looking for Hamish who lives in Sweden and can’t be here. Hamish has been a crony of David’s since school and will probably do his best to help everyone regress to that time on the stag do…




Would it be fair to say you all have different styles and pieces you feel comfortable in and if so, how?

I think everyone is quite easy going but I also know it’s very difficult to find a look that both matches and suits everyone, so to speak. Our builds differ a bit and possibly even our tastes but we’re in the lucky position that no-one is too shy to speak up. At the same time we’re all of the same opinion that David is the most important one to keep happy.

What’s your favourite thing about being in a wedding party?

Honestly, it’s being there with a bride or groom at an important time that is probably both the most happy and stressful of their life. I think when you know someone that well it’s nice being able to make calls on their behalf to clean up the little spillages here and there, be it a buttonhole adjustment or getting a great-aunt up on the dancefloor to save her sitting there alone.




What are you guys looking for today?

I think we’re looking for a navy three-piece suit. Sounds a little pedestrian but I think at a wedding it’s best to go slick rather than Cirque du Soleil. We’re going to leave the flamboyance to the ties, pocket squares and buttonholes.

Why do you think TOPMAN is the best choice for you guys?

Whilst he is a full 15 minutes older than me, my brother is actually very young at heart and there’s an edge of contemporary to Topman that serves that very nicely.

At a wedding, a suit needs to be all things for all men for all eventualities. What are you looking for in your suits?

The advice David and his wife-to-be Georgia gave to their flower girls the other day works just as well here: it needs to look good, but you need to be able to dance in it!




Do you think you’ll be able to wear your suits again and if so, how so?

I think that’s my David’s hope, that it won’t just be another suit worn once then taking up room in a wardrobe. The task is to balance this with doing something special enough to suit the occasion.

And finally, the stag, what’s the number one rule for planning and executing it?

Ha! I’ve been co-conspiring with Alex on this one. No-one apart from us two have any idea where we’re going and we plan to keep it that way until the day! Alex has been chief organizer and budgeter and has been brilliant at spreading payments for everyone and having things arranged well enough so everyone can just turn up and have a mad time.


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