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Double IT: How to wear double denim

For an age-old wardrobe staple, it still takes guts to pull off double denim. If you don’t give it any thought, you’re in danger of looking like a lumberjack (which you might want) or like it were an accident (which you don’t want).

Lucky for you, we’ve made a fool-proof guide to inspire even the most hesitant. You’ll be on top of this trend in no time.

Pop IT

An opportunity to buy a bold knit or a loud shirt. Straight leg jeans and a boxy jacket (of the same shade) over an eye-catching hue. Job done.

Monochrome IT

Pick a shade, any shade. A monochrome look is easy, makes a statement, and can be worn as separates on more low-key days.  All white denim with white accessories is high-impact or stay true to blue and pair with whatever shoe you fancy.

Triple IT

Feeling confident? Let’s go for not one, not two, but a three-piece denim look. Jeans, shirt, jacket – we’re going all in. Keep the colour of the jeans and jacket the same and add variety in shade of the shirt. Break it all up with a white sneaker or, if you’re truly committing to it, a Western-inspired boot.

Two-tone IT

Where the supporting acts become the main event. Match the colour of your shirt, shoes, beanie, socks to stand out against your coordinating jacket and jeans.

Texturize IT

Subtle detailing can be incorporated into a look with the addition of texture. While not technically denim, Borg and corduroy are a good place to start, adding extra edge and warmth. Keep the rest of the look simple.

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