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Date Night: The Dos and Don’ts For A Successful Date

With Valentine’s Day around the corner – *takes a deep breath* – we’ve decided to put our heads together and conjure up the most important dos and don’ts for a date night.

Whether you’re in a relationship, casually dating or a newbie to the Valentine’s Day fiasco, here are our humble hints and pointers that are sure to help your Valentine’s date (or any date, at that) go a little bit smoother.


DO: Remember the date (it’s a good place to start)

Do you know how many people forget when Valentine’s day is? And that’s only one, universal date. Think how many people forget simple date dates or anniversaries.

New love interest or not, forgetting the date (asking ‘When is our anniversary, again?‘ is the same thing) is, quite frankly, awkward. So, if memory isn’t your thing, put a reminder in your phone to avoid looking blatantly ignorant.

DO: Be organised (so they don’t have to be)

If it’s Valentine’s Day in question, take note of how busy restaurants and bars are. Make sure you book in advance if you’re planning on going somewhere for food*. Be sure to organise a time and place to meet with the other person to avoid any last-minute confusion.

DON’T: *If it’s your first ever date, perhaps avoid going for dinner

Dinner, for most, is far too intense for a first date. If you end up having nothing in common/to talk about, you’ll regret having committed to starters and mains. Try something more adventurous and interactive – it’s much easier to get to know them better this way and you’ll for sure have something to talk about.




DON’T: Overdo it. You are enough

‘It’s the thought that counts’ rings true in regards to date planning. Whether it’s making your own [Valentine’s] card, cooking their favourite dinner, or taking them on a well-thought-out date, allows your personality to shine through.


DO: Scrub up on dinner etiquette

Standing up when they arrive (after you), knowing what’s appropriate to wear and being comfortable corking a bottle of wine are musts for every dinner date. These are the basics and, once learned, will serve you for a lifetime. If you’re not clued up, google it.


DON’T: Sit there on your phone. It can wait

Yes, the football might be on and you may want to get minute-by-minute updates, but ditch the phone for the night, you’ll thank us later. Showing an interest in your date is essential; your phone can take a back seat for now.


DO: Keep the conversation balanced. It’s not all about you

We don’t mean to sound rude, but it’s not. Playing Narcissus for the night won’t impress anyone. Instead, pay attention to your date and take an interest in them. Talk about yourself, sure, just make sure it’s balanced.


DON’T: Believe the “I don’t want anything” act

Valentine’s Day specific, don’t stress about going all out and breaking the bank on material goods. It is fine, however, to get something small… more as a gesture. As mentioned earlier, a well-thought-out date will go a long way. Failing that, if you’re a couple who like to keep things on the DL, agree to do something together. Been talking about a holiday recently? How about that new coffee table? It’s a present to each other, easy.




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