Confessions Of A Fresher (And What Not To Do)

Whether you’re heading into your first or third year at uni, at some point you have been or will be a fresher (or in some cases, every year is a fresher year if you have the right attitude). 

We thought about doing a quick guide of how to get through those all-important weeks (being a first-time fresher isn’t easy!), but instead, we thought we’d summon in help from the experts.

Calling all graduates, we’ve asked for their fresher confessions so we can clue you up on what not to do.



Confession #1

“My night ended by going back to a girls’ halls. I bragged to all my mates before we got there, but it turns out that nothing happened. I went with it, anyway, thinking ‘nobody will ever know’. Apparently, she wasn’t shy about sharing the truth. I had to pretend I was joking.”

Lesson learned: Girls, grades – don’t brag until it’s in the bag (or at all, really).


Confession #2

“It was the start of the year and we’d gone to a fancy dress party – I went as Gollum so I was only wearing a nappy. When we got home (drunk), we wondered why our new front door wasn’t opening. We shrugged it off, broke the lock and went in. After eating most of the food in the kitchen, the owners of the house came down in shock. Turns out we’d got the wrong house completely. We did go back the next day with a packet of rich teas, though.”

Lesson learned: Going to uni will be unfamiliar. Make sure you give yourself enough time to learn your surroundings and find your bearings… you’ll thank yourself later.


Confession #3

“I’ll keep it short, but the moral of the story is if you feel a nose bleed coming, move away from the person you’re very close to. Being covered in someone else’s blood wasn’t quite how I imagined my freshers.”

Lesson learned: If you’re prone to nose bleeds (or anything of the sorts), learn your warning signs and always carry tissues.


Confession #4

“In my first year, I was in a small flat of 3 – me and two girls. It was really hot in my room so, as I didn’t want to splash out on a fan, I often slept naked. One night, I woke up needing the toilet and since the toilet was just a few steps from my door I figured I wouldn’t need to put any clothes on to go. Who would know, right? Unfortunately, whilst I was in the toilet, one of my flatmates came home with a whole group of her friends who proceeded to stand around in the corridor and drink for a whole 45 minutes. I obviously couldn’t leave, so I just sat silently, naked, in the toilet hoping they’d go. Eventually, I had to shout out for help, and (in hysterics) she EVENTUALLY shuffled her friends into the kitchen. That’s the last time I went to the toilet naked.”

Lesson learned: Living with new people will be a challenge, but always wear clothes around the house. A simpler solution would be to live with other people of the same gender to avoid any awkward run-ins.


Confession #5

“I only ever wanted to go to uni for the experience so, when the course I was enrolled on got cancelled, I picked another one at random: CGI! After just three months, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I’m now officially a university drop out.”

Lesson learned: There are always other options! If you don’t feel like your course is for you, chat with someone who will be able to advise you better. There’s no need to feel stuck in a situation if you have a choice.


Confession #6

“After a night out, I was so desperate for the toilet that I went in a bush. What I didn’t expect was for the Christian committee to find me mid-squat.”

Lesson learned: Always know where your nearest toilet is.


Confession #7

“I tried too hard to fit in by pretending I was great at rugby. I never expected anything to come of it, so when push came to shove and I was asked to play – it went west pretty quick.”

Lesson learned: Don’t try to impress anyone, just be yourself. Karma is well and truly alive.


Confession #8

“I accidentally wet myself in the taxi on the way to a club. I still went inside the club wearing the same outfit, though.”

Lesson learned: A change of clothes is underrated.








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