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Introducing…Fine Tailoring By Charlie Casely-Hayford

The incredibly dressed cat is out the bag. Yes, we’ve created an exclusive fine tailoring collection with renowned Savile Row designer Charlie Casely-Hayford, one of Britain’s best tailors who’s had his exquisite pieces worn by the likes of Drake, Mos Def, Steven Spielberg (now that’s a party) and lots more.

So in the lead up to the launch of this limited edition 10 piece collection, we caught up with the man himself to find out what inspired the collection and get his formalwear style advice.

Launching Monday 12th June


What inspired the collection?

“The weekend suits were really the starting point of the collection. I began researching traditional Japanese clothing as well as Japanese blue collar workwear. I’m fascinated by the proportions and the nonchalance of the way the cloth often frames the body. I wanted to echo that relaxed fit in the weekend pieces and the rest of the collection developed from there.”

What do you think will surprise the customer about it?

“All of the details…. elements that you wouldn’t normally see on the high street but that we have amazingly been able to develop with Topman, such as a working cuff or a half canvas, features normally associated with the made-to-measure and bespoke world.”

What element of the design process is most important?

“Creating a garment that can work on a number of different body shapes and still retain a strong signature silhouette.”

What’s your favourite piece?

“The limited edition black tie kimono jacket.”

What’s the story behind the kimono? Where did the inspiration come from?

“When you go to a black tie event, men are very limited in options and tend to gravitate towards the same two or three styles. Occasionally someone might break out a velvet jacket and steal the show. I wanted to create a unique black tie alternative with all of the glamour and none of the formality. It’s unlined, completely unstructured and the dogs bollocks.”

What’s unique about the ‘weekend’ suit?

“They’re completely unstructured and were designed to feel like a tracksuit. We even added a drawstring to the trousers to remove any feeling of formality. They’re cut to be worn with trainers and a tee.”

Do you think people dress differently today for the office?

“I think comfort is at the forefront of most people’s mind, it’s important as a designer to incorporate that requirement into your work… even if it is a suit. Being comfortable and looking sharp aren’t mutually exclusive.”

 What type would you give for dressing for a wedding?

“Never put together a look that could be directly transferred to the office. It’s boring. Weddings are one of the few times when most men can have fun with a suit and not be too self conscious. Even the smallest details or accessories can take a look from feeling like office wear to something more elevated.”

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