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Rugby Star Chris Robshaw Chats Goals

"I must be the only man to own a coffee shop and not like coffee," Chris laughs. It turns out the ex-England Rugby captain and current Harlequins player is full of surprises, one of those being that his engagement ring to now-wife Camilla got stolen in the Hatton Garden heist. But we'll get to that…

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We Have A Word With Killers Anonymous’ Elliot Langridge

As far as Killers Anonymous is concerned, a circle of safety has never felt so unsafe. In this new-to-our-screens, Tarantino-style movie, directer Martin Owen takes us on the journey of a group of killers who, having come together for just another meeting, discover there's far more behind the 'Hello, my name is...' than is let…

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Hair Colouring Advice For Every Kind Of Guy

We're seeing more and more guys tap into the hair colouring game. And why not? From Justin Timberlake's noodle days to Zayn Malik's many hair renditions, it's the trend that will never fade. But before any guy starts to play around with hair colouring, we just know they're sat on google searching for the answers to…

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Here’s Why Josh Vine Is One To Watch

With new musicians popping up everywhere, it takes someone pretty good to stop you in your tracks. Upcoming artist Josh Vine, with his new single The Water, was one of them. He may have only a handful of released songs, but Josh Vine's new track The Water is destined to take him to bigger places.…

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The Dating Guide By TVs First Dates’ Austin

First Dates has swept the nation with waves of love since it first aired in 2013. With a little help from the show's waiter Austin Ventour, we're bringing you some expert, insider tips into finding love. "Some people have perfected the art of dating, it’s the way they bring flowers, champagne – just like a…

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Ten Minutes with Levi’s

The latest collection from Levi's is one we're drooling over. With new streetwear-inspired fits, logo sweats, and graphic tees we can already see ourselves chilling in them all week long. To find out more about the collection, we spoke with Levi's Global VP of Men’s Design, Janine Chilton-Faust on how the new pieces came to…

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Here’s What Makes Massages a Well-Being Must

Everyone's talking about well-being - it's what keeps your mind and body ticking so you can be your best self. And since we're always looking for different means to deliver you wellness, here's another one to add to your list. Lava Shells massage (brought by Shared Beauty Secrets) is a new phenomenon. The first-ever self-heating…

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Here’s How Tracking Your Workouts Has Just Got Easier

If the gym is your thing (and even if it isn't), do you ever find yourself wondering how hard you've actually worked on a workout? What about how many calories you've burnt in a session? The key to every great workout (in our opinion, anyway) is being able to measure success. But how can you…

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The Growth Of Rosie Lowe From Album 1 to Album 2: YU

Whether you're a Rosie Lowe fan or a newcomer to her sweet sounds, there's no denying that once you tap in, you're hanging around. With the new release of her second album, YU - pronounced both 'YOU' and 'Why You' ("I like that it has a double meaning"- we grabbed the opportunity to sit down…

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