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Lennon Gallagher On Memes, Nirvana And Style

It’s not easy following in your father’s footsteps, especially when your ol’ pops is the most iconic British frontman of all time. It’s not a legacy most of us have to live up to, but that’s what Lennon Gallagher (son of Oasis’s Liam Gallagher) has to do. But instead of going down the obvious route…

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Thinning Hair? Overgrown Fade? You Need These Styling Tips

Grooming: a sore subject for many as we look into the mirror with unkempt beards and overgrown fades. Fret not - we've turned to Johnny's Chop Shop for some expert answers to the most-asked hair dilemmas. Recognise the name? Maybe that's 'cos Johnny's Chop Shop usually sits proudly in our London flagship store fixing our…

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Expert Hair Stylists Tell Us How To Fix Our Hair In Lockdown

Whether you've decided to shave it all off or you're in dire need of a trim (we feel you), we hope this barnet-saving Q&A with expert hair stylists Jessica Ortiz and Joe Mills is the helping hand you desperately deserve. Feel like isolation is taking its toll? While there are many things we can do…

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Here’s Why Caterham Sevens Are The Favourite Summertime Car

Not quite ready to grow up? Us neither. From playing with toy cars to sitting behind the wheel, the Caterham Seven is the grown-up Scalextric without the need for a race track. Here's what makes the number one sports car so attractive. Peter Pan once said, “All children, except one, grow up.", and we'd put…

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TOPMAN Chats Music And Isolation With Freddie Long

Just because we're all stuck at home, it doesn't mean we can't keep connected. That's why we checked into Zoom with musician Freddie Long to see what he's getting up to during isolation. 2020 has already proved a testing year for many of us, and with Freddie Long releasing his new single White Water only…

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Meet Everyone You Know, Our New Favourite Artists

We're huge fans of Everyone You Know. Not only are they two of the nicest guys to walk through our office doors, but their music is insane. Don't believe us? Well, after releasing their first-ever EP, they bagged themselves a record deal just 2 weeks later. Ordinary brothers, extraordinary sound - Everyone You Know are…

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New Music: Get To Know Electronic Artist Elderbrook

He started in London, he's won over America and he's played on stages of all kinds in-between. Electronic artist Elderbrook is on his own road to world domination. Since we love introducing the best of new music to our blog, we caught up with Elderbrook for a chat about his award-winning sound, his most successful…

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Here’s How To Look After Your Skin This Winter

Most of us will notice the biggest changes in our skin as we transition from season to season. Now, coming into the cold, we called for some desperate skincare advice to keep us ticking over until the warmer weather. Dry skin? Prone to blemishes? Whatever your skin gets up to in the winter, we need…

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Rugby Star Chris Robshaw Chats Goals

"I must be the only man to own a coffee shop and not like coffee," Chris laughs. It turns out the ex-England Rugby captain and current Harlequins player is full of surprises, one of those being that his engagement ring to now-wife Camilla got stolen in the Hatton Garden heist. But we'll get to that…

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