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Topman Talks: A Catch Up with Rising DJ and Producer KUNGS

I Feel So Bad, Don't You Know and This Girl are just three of French DJ and producer Kung's biggest tracks from his debut album Layers. We caught up with Kungs following his iconic set at Hï Ibiza to talk about his beyond impressive rise to the top. There's something about Kungs. He's not flash, arrogant nor is…

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The Vamps and Sigala Join Us In Conversation About Music, Tour Life and ‘We Don’t Care’

The Vamps - hours before the Chicago show of their US tour - and Sigala - prepping for the drop of his debut album in a matter of hours - stopped their schedules to chat with Topman.  The three of us caught up on what their lives are like on tour, their memories from making…

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What To Do This Summer: Cocktails in the City

If there's one thing no summer should ever be lacking, it's a cocktail (or two). Luckily, we've found the number one cocktail event in the heart of London so you can ensure you have not one, not two, but an abundance of coattails in EACH hand this summer. Cocktails in the City is the finest cocktail event…

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Field Day Street Style 2018

Once upon a time the most stylish clobber you'd see at a festival would be Waitrose extra thick bin bags being used as waterproofs, but now modern day festivals are like an urban catwalk, playing host to the slickest new brands and forward thinking style. Don't believe us? Well we sent our photographer Rebekah Harris…

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The Vaccines Guide To Surviving A Festival

Don’t listen to your mate Darren, he has no idea how to survive a festival. The last time he went to Reading he dropped his wallet in a portaloo, got his wellies pinched crowdsurfing, and caught actual trench foot from not breaking in his Dr Martens beforehand. What you really need is festival advice from…

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The Worst Types Of People You’ll Meet At A Festival This Year

Festivals are a glorious paradise where people become what they wish they could be all year round: ravenous animals reverting back to their instinctive primitive ways that eat from burger vans for a minimum of 4 days. All good, right? Sadly not. As some of these festival punters immerse themselves too much into these hedonistic…

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7 Festivals You Should Get Tickets For This Year That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

January is bleak. The weather is atrocious, you’ve made promises to stop eating junk, and no one is drinking. If January was a person it’d be the child of Janice from Friends and Jeremy Clarkson. But there is one shining beacon of hope that can get you through this miserable month: planning your 2018 summer…

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Big Need-To-Know Trends For 2018

2017 was a catastrophic garbage fire of a year, a moist pulsating horror tumour of anxiety that slowly developed over 12 months from relatively benign to chronic and inoperable. We’re hoping 2018 is going to be better but if we’re all honest with each other it’s probably going to be worse. But the shining light…

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WATCH: Q & Eh? Yak’s Oli Burslem Answers Our Odd & Awkward Christmas Questions

Rudolf or Rudimental? Christmas pudding or Yorkshire pudding? Sober or heinously drunk? We ask the important Christmas questions that everyone is afraid to ask/no one has thought of because they're not really a thing. The subject participating: Oli Burslem, frontman of psychedelic rock trio Yak, and one of the new faces of our Christmas campaign.…

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