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Why We’ve Converted to an At-Home Gym: The Yoga Edition

It’s nearly summer, it’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer and our clothes are getting smaller... When it comes to summer workouts, no one wants to be stuck in a basement gym with 50 other sweaty dudes, sharing the same machines and missing out on the sunshiney fresh air that only hangs around for…

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7 Workout Boosters to Add to Your Gym Bag

We're well into the year and you're back in the gym working on that all-important summer body. But have you ever considered what could make your gym experience so much better? We've gone on a hunt for gym accessories that will switch up your gym game and give you the boost you need to keep…

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Here’s Why you Might Want to Switch to Fake Tan this Summer

Have you ever dabbled in fake tan before? We chat with expert James Harknett to discover the benefits of faking it this summer. With the likes of David Gandy and Oliver Cheshire already opting for the fake-tan glow, celebrity tanner James Harknett talks to us about all things fake tan for men and its benefits…

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How Men Can Prevent Summer Skin Damage

It doesn't matter what age you are or what skin type you have - the hot summer weather is bound to take its toll. With a helping hand from the A-list and Royal Beautician and the founder of Heaven Skincare, Deborah Mitchell, we get some expert men's summer skincare tips that you can start swearing…

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Clothes to Wear (and Avoid) in the Gym

Going to the gym is one thing. Dressing for the gym is another. To gain the most from your workout, your focus needs to be centered on what you're doing, not what you're wearing. Dressing appropriately for exercise doesn't merely mean avoiding on-the-fence short shorts. It's making sure you're wearing the right materials, you have the right…

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11 Ways To Improve Your Sleep (and So Much More)

Sleep? What's that? Nowadays, for most, getting enough sleep is mission impossible. With never-ending commitments both professionally and socially, who really gets their recommended eight-hours? With sleep at the foundation of our wellbeing (our mental and physical health, brain functioning, stress levels etc.), we've gathered 11 tried-and-true tips to get more sleep and reap those benefits.…

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Joe Wicks Talks Fitness, Tik Tok, and Breakfast Muffins

Best known for his unruly hair and the quickest fitness tips in the game, Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach is setting his sights even further. Already a pro on most social platforms, The Body Coach has just launched on the new social phenomenon, Tik Tok. Speaking all things Tik Tok, fitness and nutrition, Joe…

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TOPMAN x CALM: The Importance of Inclusive Conversation by Niall Underwood

For the mental health conversation to continue developing effectively, we need to ensure it includes everybody. – Guest feature by Niall Underwood. It's fair to say that as a society, we’ve made some progress in recent years when it comes to opening up conversations surrounding mental health. ‘Generation Z’ is much better than any of…

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TOPMAN x CALM: The Art of Self-Care by Ted Stansfield

The Art of Self-Care: the Importance of Making Good Choices. - Guest feature by Ted Stansfield.   If you watch RuPaul’s Drag Race, you’ll be familiar with Tatianna. Tatianna is young, fishy (feminine-looking) drag queen who has a catchphrase. That catchphrase is “Choices” and she’ll employ it when one of her contestants makes a questionable…

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