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The Happy Death Day 2U Cast Talk Scary Masks & Laughing in Serious Situations

Happy Death Day 2 U, the second instalment of the time-looping humorous horror films, is nearly here. This time around - in whichever dimension we awake - director Christopher Landon (Paranormal Activity) has injected more deaths, more laughs and a whole load of tear-jerking emotion into what we'd say is the best Death Day we've ever…

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Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts by the Topshop Girls

Hey Topman, Topshop here! We’ve had the Topman boys asking us what it is that us girls really want for Valentine’s Day, so we thought we’d just show you. Keep scrolling for a round-up of the most coveted Valentine’s Day gifts this year.   Dresses (we can never get enough) Sizing, length and patterns –…

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6 Can’t-Miss Valentine’s Day Destinations

And so the pressure is on: It's Valentine's Day and whether your relationship is in the early-romantic or the longterm stability stage, this day presents itself with a fair amount of pressure to up your game and pull out all the stops. We're here to take the pressure off. Us right old romantics have sussed…

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Date Night: The Dos and Don’ts

With Valentine’s Day around the corner - *takes a deep breath* - we've decided to put our heads together and conjure up the most important dos and don'ts for a date night. Whether you're in a relationship, casually dating or a newbie to the Valentine’s Day fiasco, here are our humble hints and pointers that are…

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TOPMAN x CALM: The Importance of Inclusive Conversation by Niall Underwood

For the mental health conversation to continue developing effectively, we need to ensure it includes everybody. – Guest feature by Niall Underwood. It's fair to say that as a society, we’ve made some progress in recent years when it comes to opening up conversations surrounding mental health. ‘Generation Z’ is much better than any of…

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TOPMAN x CALM: Beauty and the Loneliness by Harvey James

Beauty and the loneliness.  Loneliness in the fashion industry is worse than you’d expect. – Guest feature by Harvey James.   What is loneliness? The admission of a young, sociable model to feeling lonely might be perplexing to some, perhaps weak, arrogant or negligent to others, but it's the confusion around this topic that I…

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One Workout, All The Abs: Creed II-Inspired Fitness

Imagine it’s a chill (and chilly) Thursday morning. You wake up and head to an invite-only workout. It’s at The Rosewood, it’ll be fancy, it’ll be cushy. Massive mistake. Huge. Couldn’t be bigger. It’s a Creed II-inspired workout. I’ve seen the film. I should have known. I’ve no one else to blame.  But Michael B.…

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Michael B. Jordan Wants a Word: An Education From Rocky to Creed

Let us take you back to 1976: Apple was founded, NASA unveiled its first spacecraft and Castro was the President of Cuba. And you were barely a twinkle in your old man's eye. It was also the year the first Rocky film was released and the beginning of an iconic franchise that has spanned four…

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Topman Travels: What you need to know about Rome

The city of the greatest gelato and even better pizza; Topman takes on Rome. As with most quick - or long - city breaks, there is an abundance of forced information flying at you from all angles. Where to go, what to see and where to stay are shoved in your earlobes nearly enough to…

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