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Big Need-To-Know Trends For 2018

2017 was a catastrophic garbage fire of a year, a moist pulsating horror tumour of anxiety that slowly developed over 12 months from relatively benign to chronic and inoperable. We’re hoping 2018 is going to be better but if we’re all honest with each other it’s probably going to be worse. But the shining light of this dying capitalist hellscape we find ourselves trapped in is the sweet sweet release of high quality entertainment and nice clothes and, as always, we’ve got plenty of those to distract us from the inevitable death of beloved celebrities, erosion of civil liberties, and extinction-level natural disasters that await us. Don’t worry though, trends trends trends:

Streetwear Gets More Expensive + Harder To Get, We Get Sick Of It
Sometime in June 2018 Streetwear nuts are going to find themselves waiting outside of a pop up ice cream van in East London to cop the latest sneaker drop, the Air Max 97 x Cornetto ‘Mint’ pack. Teased over Instagram stories for the last 6 months, it will be limited to 9 pairs and come with a free ice cream in an exclusive wrapper. The shoes will sell for triple retail price online, the ice cream, stored in ice boxes by well-prepared buyers, will become a collector’s item. We’ll all start to get sick of streetwear. People will start wearing brogues again. @gullyguyleo will be forced into doing a vocational course at a local 6th form college. Landfills will overflow with exclusive collaborations.


All Films Now Exist In The Same Universe
This isn’t necessarily a good thing or a bad thing, it’s just a trend that’s been stewing for years finally coming to fruition. To give you an idea of just how many blockbuster films will be part of a ‘universe’, 13 of IMDB’s Top 20 2018 films take part in a setting that’s already been created. We expect 2019 to include a Dad’s Army reboot as part of the ‘Beloved Entertainment’ multiverse, with Poirot teased in a post credits zinger and a Dot Cotton solo film mooted for 2022.

England Do An England At The World Cup
This isn’t as much a prediction as an irrefutable fact of life: England will exit the World Cup at the first possible stage. But what kind of inevitable humiliating dumping will we be subject to this time? Could it be the noble death, where we battle gamely before playing out a goalless draw with Panama? Or will it be the total annihilation of football, where our players forget the basic rules of the game before Wayne Rooney is recalled from international exile to lead us to new levels of demoralisation? Either way, we can’t wait.

Video Games Get Longer, More Online
The perfect distraction from the looming threat of thermonuclear apocalypse that will hang over much of next year, games are going to get even longer, more involved, and more online. Following on from the huge success of ‘Always Online’ games like Destiny, publishers are following suit this year with their own takes on the genre of games where a specific game becomes your hobby, rather than gaming in general being your hobby. An early example will be the truly excellent looking Monster Hunter World that drops this January, a reinvention of a beloved Japanese franchise that’s well worth experimenting with. Watch out for Bethesda’s ‘Anthem’ at the end of the year as well.


Preppy Comes Back
If you’re a 20 something who never graduated from the public school of the mind, rejoice, the clothes you wear are sort of on trend again. Americana, and by association the classic prep aesthetic, started to crop up at catwalk shows in 2017 and will likely filter down to the masses this year. Also, suits are back.

Maybe We Start Hacking Ourselves?
This year, Biohacker Josiah Zayner injected himself with a homemade DNA compound at a conference to see if he could accelerate muscle growth. It didn’t seem to work but with sales of home DNA splicing kits like the CRISPR on the rise, someone is going to get it right soon. By next Christmas your deskmate is going to have gills, grasshopper legs, and the compound eyes of a fly. Your mum is now a telepath. Your girlfriend leaves you for a dolphin.

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