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Thinking Of Shaving Your Head? These 9 Men Do It Best

We’re stuck in isolation and, for some reason, people all over the world a taking a razor in one hand, a camera in the other, and shaving off their lavish locks. Thinking of joining the bandwagon? Here are 9 men that rock the shaved head.

A boredom shave to inject some excitement into your quarantine or a tactful ‘now’s a good time to test the waters and, hey, if I don’t like it, at least nobody will see me for a while’ move, if you’re one of the those who are thinking of joining the buzz-cut clan, take a look below at some shaved-head inspo first. Will you be embracing some new-found smoothness? We’d love to know!


Jason Statham

Can we even remember a time where Statham didn’t have a shaved head? Let’s face it, some people just suit the look, and for Statham, it’s become his signature style. Always ready-for-action, we wouldn’t want him any other way!



Dwayne Johnson

The mighty rock, we also can’t remember a time he didn’t… rock… the shaved head (other than that time he posed in his black roll neck). Now is the best time to shave the head and see if it’s a look you want to keep for the long term!



Justin O’Shea

Street style star Justin O’Shea takes the shaved head look to a whole edgier place. Matched with a beard and a leather jacket, this is how to make a buzz cut look seriously cool.


Travis Fimmel

He doesn’t always have a shaved head, but when he does, he looks TRIPPLE hard; the kind of, ‘you don’t want to mess with me‘ hard; the kind of, ‘don’t even look at me‘ hard. Goals.



Jake Gyllenhall

Longer hair or shaved, we think Gyllenhall suits both hairdos. Does anyone else think End Of Watch is one of the best films ever?



Pep Guardiola

Subjectively one of the world’s best football managers, Pep Guardiola suits a shaved head best. Who remembers what he looked like when he had a full head of hair back in his Barcelona days? We much prefer him like this.



Bruce Willis

Bruce does it best, right? He also looked great when he did have hair (Die Hard). #GetYourselfAManWhoCanDoBoth.



Channing Tatum

If you don’t want to commit to a fully-shaved head, why not go for a smoother number 1 all over? It’s a less harsh look, useful for if you’re only trying it out.










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