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Street Style: How To Wear A Scarf

Giving advice on how to wear a scarf seems pretty absurd (‘just wrap ’em round your neck when it’s cold’) but when you dig into it there’s more to styling one than you’d think. Often it’s the accessories we choose that can push a look to sublime heights or send it way over the top so choosing the right scarf can be the difference between a really dodgy look and a great one. Below, assisted by some of fashion’s best dressed men, we break down the best knots and which looks and occasions they’re best suited to:


The drape (just thrown around the back of your neck and left to hang) is ideal for your smarter looks. In terms of which scarf you should do this with, we’d recommend this be done only with lightweight, shorter scarves as a big heavy scarf thrown over your shoulders just looks a bit odd.

Loose Knot
Also known as the ‘Parisian Knot’, this style is achieved by making a loop in the middle of your scarf that you then pull the rest of the the scarf through. Nice and versatile, this knot compliments smart and casual looks. In terms of choosing the right scarf, avoid anything too thick or wide as the knot around your throat will be too substantial to be stylish or comfortable.

A Topman favourite, this versatile knot looks great with both smart and casual looks. Simply tie yours as you would a cravat and either tuck it into your overcoat/jacket or leave it hanging loose.

Once Around
The lazy man’s favourite. A great throw-on-and-go style, the ‘once around’ requires a pretty long scarf to work but apart from that it goes with almost every fabric or pattern.



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