Best Destinations For Pride 2018

From its inception in 1969 New York where the LGBT community demonstrated against discrimination, Pride has now become a worldwide phenomenon that embraces and celebrates culture and identity. Where once it was shunned, Pride now attracts millions, with London alone bringing in more than 750,000 spectators. And although hate has turned to tolerance, and tolerance has turned to acceptance in a lot of places, the fight is far from over for the community who still face discrimination on a daily basis, which is why in 2018 Pride is still as important as ever.

So to say that Pride is a big deal is an understatement. And even though it might be a few months away, like any major celebration, meticulous and detailed planning needs to go into its organisation. Because we all know that organised fun is the best kind of fun…

Here are the places you should visit for Pride 2018. Get planning.

London, July 7th

The parade includes more than 300 marching groups and floats. It starts from Oxford Circus, heading down Regent Street, through Piccadilly Circus and down Pall Mall and ends in Whitehall, taking a 1.4-mile route. It’s a memorable event, which includes a main stage at Trafalgar Square, which has played host to the like of Pasty and Eddie from Absolutely Fabulous, Eurovision winner Conchita and lots more.

Munich, July 7th-15th

Here Pride is known as Christopher Street Day (named after the New York Stonewall riots from 1969) and happens on a Saturday, it unravels around LGBT areas of the city. The first ever CSD took place on June 28th 1980 and since then over 200,000 people have taken part in the celebration.

As well as being an off-the-walls party, this massive event is organized by the four major social and political parties. It all starts with a demonstration held by the Mayor and other leaders including Rosa Liste (LGBTQ+ political group). After, the festival takes place at Marienplatz, the central square, featuring a huge parade. In the evening, the neo-gothic Munich City Hall welcomes the community to party, where you can expect plenty of lederhosen, bratwurst and Bavarian drag queens.

Amsterdam, 28th July-5th August

This is one of the oldest and historically liberal gay destinations to go to. Pride lasts for two weeks and all the main exciting events and parties occur in the last weekend. There is a canal parade, which takes place on the water because dry land is too mainstream for the Dutch. About 80 boats carry the leather queens, drag queens and disco bunnies along a four-mile route. Dam Square also hosts a closing party with a main stage featuring international and resident DJs and performers in front of the Royal Palace.

Benidorm, 3rd-9th September

Benidorm’s motto is “Fun, Friendly, Flirty” and if that doesn’t make you want to visit this Spanish party hotspot then you are lying to yourself (that and the fact that it’s as cheap as a bag of chips to party here). The Old Town has a gay village with over 30 LGBT bars, the heart of the city’s massive party. There’s also a parade at Playa Levante beach which also hosts a massive open-air stage where local artists, drag queens and gogo dancers perform.

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New Orleans, June 8th-10th

Parties are all well and good, but it’s key to remember that the aim of Pride is to raise awareness of discrimination, and the importance of diversity and inclusivity. New Orleans Pride’s funds are raised for their chapter of “Stand For The Silent” to focus on ending bullying, with awareness being raised through family friendly days, seminars, and of course, a massive kick-ass parade which goes through the city’s historic and beautiful French Quarter, which hosts parties into the wee hours.

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