Been A While Since Your Last Haircut? These 5 Hairstyles Are For You

If you, like us, haven’t had a haircut in a hot minute, you’ll be more than familiar with the sense of unknown each time you look into the mirror to style it.

Whether your hair has grown longer than you’ve ever had it before, or whether you went for the lockdown shave which you’re now awkwardly trying to grow out, this article is here to help.

We want to give you the best styling tips out there, so we got in touch with Hair Stylist and Fudge Professional’s Global Brand Ambassador, Jonathan Andrew. He’s put together his top 5 hairstyles for growing-out hair, so you can finally sort yours out until the next big cut (or you might just love it enough to keep it).


Topman, Hair Stylist and Fudge Professional’s Global Brand Ambassador, Jonathan Andrew


The Grown-Out Shave

I’m seeing lots of people having to deal with a new style after braving it and shaving their hair off. With this, I expect to see lots of French crops coming back in. This is a short haircut with lots of texture.

How to style it:

1. Use some Fudge Professional XXL Hair Thickener on damp hair and blow-dry it in. This will give the hair more density and aid in the styling.

2. Once dry, use the Fudge Matte Hed Extra starting at the back and working forward (as if massaging your head) to evenly distribute it through the hair until evenly covered.

3. Shape and define into place with your fingers. You’re good to go!

22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 11 Dec 2016


The Groomed Finish

Another big style to come out of lockdown will be the return of the side parting. A direct result of haircuts growing out, this style will become more popular as lots of guys experiment with their long hair where they’ve perhaps felt restricted before. This is a great versatile summer look.

How to style it:

1. Use some Fudge Blow Dry Aqua Primer or XXL Hair Thickener and blow-dry the hair back and away from your face, brushing into shape with a vent brush and pushing the hair towards the nape (the back of your neck).

2. Using some Fudge Matte Hed Mouldable, tip your head upside down and massage into the roots all over. Don’t start with the front as it can end up leaving too much product there. Try making your hair as big as possible as this will make it easier to style.

3. Brush into the required shape and add your parting.

4. Once in place, hold with the Fudge Skyscraper.



The Beach Texture

Moving into the summer, this is going to be one of the most popular styles. All about giving a soft, natural texture, this hairstyle works on all kinds of hair lengths. For me, less is more and finding the right shape is key. Start by looking at your hair and seeing where you have natural texture and separation – if you have more on top, go for height, if it’s long all over, opt for even texture. Harry Styles gives a great example of a soft, cool finish.

How to style it:

1. On damp hair, spritz in some Fudge Salt Spray all over.

2. Using a hairdryer on medium speed with no nozzle, dry your hair by bunching it up in your hands and holding it in sections. This will encourage texture and lift while scrunching it up it gives the soft finish.

3. Once dry, lightly brush and tangle out. Be sure to maintain the texture.

4. Take some Fudge Surf Paste and apply all over. Don’t use too much as you want some natural movement.

5. To control the back and sides, mist in some Fudge Texture Spray to encourage movement and definition.

'Dunkirk' film premiere, Arrivals, New York, USA - 18 Jul 2017


The Curls

This is a great summer look and one that I’m really expecting to see more of. With many guys now being used to leaving their hair natural, I see a lot of acceptance for curls coming in. Surprisingly, this look is really simple to achieve – it just requires patience and a soft touch.

How to style it:

1. On damp towel-dried hair, spray some Fudge Curl Revolution Mist all over – almost to the point of saturation but not so that it’s dripping. Make sure you move the hair to cover all of it.

2. Take random sections varying in thickness and separate. Start to form curls through the hair by wrapping it around your fingers.

3. If you have time on your hands then you can air dry it. For speedier results, I suggest investing in a hairdryer diffuser. This spreads the hairdryer airflow and avoids disturbing the shape. For best results, gently place the curls where you want them and leave it – this will prevent the curls from going frizzy.

4. To polish off the hair (and add some condition to the texture), use Fudge Aqua Shine Serum to define. A few drops go a long way.

25th National Television Awards, Arrivals, O2, London, UK - 28 Jan 2020


The Longer Hair

Lockdown has been the perfect time to grow out those locks and really get the length you’ve toyed over for years. Long hair offers a great versatility that can be left soft and natural for lounging around or more finished for a formal look. Here’s a style that gives the best of both.

How to style it:

1. Spritz in some Fudge Sea Salt Spray to damp hair to add texture and shape.

2. Using a hairdryer on medium heat and speed, rough dry your hair away from your face and lift using your fingers to give height and shape.

3. Use some Fudge Matte Hed Mouldable for soft texture and separation throughout the hair. Use this as a way to move the hair into the shape you want.

4. Once in place, use the Fudge Texture Spray to add lift and hold. The key is to prevent the hair from looking greasy and dirty. For a softer look, shape with your fingers. For a more formal look, use a wide brush or comb to manipulate into place.

5. To tie it up, lift and tease with the fingers up towards the crown. Secure in place with a hairband, but on the final wrap, don’t pull the hair through fully. This prevents a ponytail finish and keeps some coolness to the look – perfect for the pool!



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