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How to Become: a Menswear Designer

Looking to quit your boring desk job and work in the world of fashion, but don’t know the difference between fringing and the fringe on your head? Then we’ve got the guide for you.

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY is one of the most exciting and eccentric designers in menswear today. So ahead of him showing his latest designs at SS17’s Topman sponsored MAN show at London Collections Men, we thought we’d ask him all about his unique job so you can be inspired to follow suit.

How did you first get into designing menswear?
I did both a BA and MA in Fashion Design at Central St Martin’s – I was a student of Louise Wilson’s, and learnt more from her than I can say. I was given the confidence – and a bit of a kick – into committing to LOVERBOY as a label by the team at Fashion East. It’s been a ride, we’re only two real seasons in and we’re only just about to deliver to stores for the first time. We’re such a young brand; a loveable teenager, if you will.

Talk us through how a collection for LCM is made
With a brilliant team who you love. Our design process isn’t especially typical, I don’t think. We throw a lot of it together, a lot of photographs are taken, and we rip it up and start again a lot. Some designers start with a singular idea, but we’re a lot more fluid and build as we go. There’s a huge amount of content and subtext and nuance, especially this season.


Where do you look for inspiration?
The Wallace Collection, obscure documentaries, the forgotten corners of my brain, my old sketchbooks, my friends.

What’s the best part of your job?
Any moment that makes you think of your younger self and of how you’re doing things you thought you might only ever dream of. I’ve been lucky enough to have a fair few of them this past year.

What’s the worst part?
Worrying about money…

What advice would you give to someone young who wants to design menswear?
If you’re willing to live it – do it. And be aware you might not be able to have fancy lunches for a couple of years.

What are you most looking forward to at LCM?
My mum coming backstage and crying on everyone <3

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