Avengers Workout: Get A Body Like The Hulk With These Key Compound Lifts

The release of Avengers: Infinity War means one thing and one thing only: we are sadly reminded that we don’t have the brutish, veiny, Kermit green body of the Hulk. And this makes us so sad we could SMASH. But thanks to @shaunstafford, we can get close to looking like a gamma ray enhanced monster in just three simple compound lifts…

If you are looking to get strong, you should focus on the big, compound lifts, which means moving the biggest muscle groups and using more than one at a time. Try these three “strongman staples” to see your strength and muscle go through the roof quicker than The Hulk after a case of banned pre-workout.

Note: all exercises should be performed for 4 sets of 6-8 reps, with 90-120 seconds rest between each set. Make sure each rep is under control and for a full range of motion: if you are struggling to hit the reps, make it a little bit lighter to be able to finish… or ask a fellow Avenger to step in and help you with a spot.


Bench Press

For this exercise, lay flat on the bench and take a shoulder width grip on the bar. Brace your core and slowly lower the bar to your chest. Pause under the tension before forcibly pressing back to the start, breathing out as you press.


Get under the squat rack with the bar comfortably resting across your upper-back. With your feet shoulder width apart and your core braced, take the load of the weight and slowly squat down. Focus on your bum and hips going back and your knees tracking forward, with your chest and torso upright. Pause just below parallel before exploding back to the start position.

Sumo Deadlift

To deadlift properly, set up a bar on a stable and strong floor or platform: if you have an Olympic Bar and plates, that would be ideal, but it is not essential at this stage.

Approach the bar with a wider than normal foot placement and pull the bar back towards your shins with your grip inside your knees. Take tension on the bar and brace your core with a strong and flat back. Maintaining a neutral spine, pull the bar up keeping it close to your body. Drive you hips forward to meet the bar, before slowly controlling back down to the floor. Repeat ensuring your back is strong throughout.

Hit these exercises a couple of times a week (with a couple of days rest between) and you’ll be ready to join The Avengers in no time!


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