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10 Beard Before & Afters To Help You Decide Whether To Grow One

Is the beard dead? Can a beard ever really be alive? Could it go into hibernation, though? These are the type of burning issues that keep us awake at night. If you’re unsure whether to grow a beard or not, let these 10 guy’s before and after shots help you out.

To beard, or not to beard? To help you get to the bottom of this follicularly-charged debate, we’ve examined celebrity faces pre and post-beard to nudge you in the right direction. Will you keep up your clean shave or give in to the facial fuzz?

Not sure how to grow a beard? Check out this beginners guide.


Andrew Garfield

We’ve had a mixed verdict in the office – half of us think he looks better without a beard, half of us think he’s better suited with one. Perhaps somewhere in the middle will keep us happy. Anyway, this is a pretty good example of how much a beard can transform your whole appearance. This has either been a huge help or a massive set back (for which we apologise profusely).

Andrew Garfield beard


Liam Hemsworth

And here we have the perfect example of how a beard (or no beard) can drastically change how old you look; this undoubtedly lent him gravitas as he’s moved from ‘boy next door’ to legitimate leading man. That being said, we’re still digging baby-faced Hemsworth. If you’re hesitant about growing your beard, maybe start with a bit of light stubble and work your way from there.

Liam Hemsworth Beard


Idris Elba

Honestly? Hunting down a picture of Idris Elba pre-beard was no easy task; his beard has become one of his trade-mark ‘bad boy’ looks (and we’re all for it). If you have a short haircut, think about how you can match the length of your hair and beard for a fuller look.



Leonardo Dicaprio

Fresh-faced as we saw in The Great Gatsby or full-beard as we got in The Revenant, Leo pulls off both looks well. Sure, his beard could do with a little clean up (and the gelled-back man bun might be a bit excessive for you), but all in all, this is a guy who has the best of both worlds.



Russell Crowe

The success of Crowe’s beard defies all conventional wisdom. It’s untamed, about 5 different colours and makes him look like a man who loves his ships. And yet, just look at him. Just. Look. At. Him.

Russell Crowe Beard


Jamie Foxx

Fun fact: did you know his real name is Eric Bishop? Anyway, back to beards: Jamie Foxx has sported some different shaped beards in his time, but we’re big fans of the full coverage. If a full beard isn’t for you, why not consider looking into the different shapes to suit your face?



Ben Affleck

From a touch of stubble to a well-kept beard, this is as smooth a transition as you’d want. If you’re going for the bearded look, try your best to keep it tamed at every stage (hello, beard trimmer) – that way, you’ll have a clearer idea about whether you actually like it or not.

Ben Affleck Beard


Matthew McConaughey

We’re feeling this comparison because the hairstyle has stayed (somewhat) the same, beard or no beard. We reckon longer hair goes hand-in-hand with a beard, but that’s just us. Do what you like.



George Clooney

As long as he keeps it free from Nespresso froth, Clooney’s beard is near faultless – trim, pleasantly textured and consistent with his colouring. No debate here; some men just suit a beard.

George Clooney Beard


Robert Pattinson

Helping him transition from intense teen to intense twenty-something, Pattinson’s beard marks out his new identity. Though his hard sticks to his trademark messiness, his beard has been kept trimmed to the t. Fair play.

Robert Pattinson Beard




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