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Adonis IT: Meet Adonis Bosso, one of the IT boys of our new campaign

What is Adonis IT?

“To Adonis IT… it means to do it like a god. Do it in a way that you want people to remember, but it has to be effortless… and sexy”

Meet Adonis Bosso, a musical artist and model from Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, who stars in our new campaign. We’ve pulled together our Bosso highlights to show you how he does IT.

1. Adonis Bosso was model scouted when he was a teen; he was born for IT.

2. We love watching Adonis’ ventures. He recently travelled to Nigeria with Slum2School where he volunteered in schools, saying that it was “by far the greatest moment of the year.” Check out the videos of his trip on his Instagram @Septumpapi.

3. He’s a man of many talents. Not only is he our IT boy, he’s also currently focused on his music career, too. Want to hear his sounds? Check out his song Jungle here.

Adonis IT


4. Bosso studied special care counselling to help his parents with his autistic brother. Bosso is the oldest of five and, to him, his family is everything.

5. He’s a new father (and we couldn’t be happier). Adonis and mother of their child, supermodel and Fenty muse Slick Woods welcome Saphir into their worlds. In a recent interview with Elle South Africa on fatherhood, Adonis shares “It’s such an unbelievable feeling to know that your legacy has started, but nothing can compare to looking at another human and seeing a little bit of yourself.” He also spoke about how he witnessed the birth, telling us he “gained a new respect for mothers and women all around the world.”

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