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A Local’s Guide To The Best Food In Miami

Some people book vacations to relax on a serine beach. Others to explore exotic cultures. A few to get through some bucket list reading material. But we at Topman know the proper reason you go on holiday: food. All the food. Too much food. Unnecessary food until you’re crying from a beautiful pain because you are so full and Adephagia the Greek god of gluttony looks down on you in sheer horror.

But exploring a new territory for grade A munch can be daunting, and 9/10 you end up in a Maccy Ds because you’ve became so overwhelmed with choice. This is why we’ve recruited menswear influencer and Miami local Ronald Thomas to give his expert advice on where you should be chowing down in the Floridian city.

Ronald Thomas deciding whether he wants a pizza or burger…or both

Bird & Bone

I love brunch as much as the next person and Bird & Bone, inside The Confidante Hotel, is usually my friends and I’s go-to spot on Sunday’s. They have that southern countryside feel which I enjoy, having lived in Texas for a while. When I go I usually order the avocado toast and the fried chicken that comes with cornbread waffles. As for what to drink, you can’t go wrong with a mimosa, which you can order bottomless. Now how can you resist bottomless mimosas!


People who know me know I’m always down for sushi and my favorite place to go is Makoto. Located inside the high-end outside shopping center, Bal Harbour Shops, you can shop till you drop and then sit inside or outside and enjoy the Japanese cuisine. I will typically order the crispy chicken dumplings which are so amazing and for sushi I’ll usually order a California roll or the spicy tuna roll. To top it off, for desert I always get the yuzu miso which is fondant chocolate, sake and fresh vanilla ice cream. Makoto is great because everything is so Instagram worthy and you might even have a celebrity sighting!

Coyo Taco

Located in the super hip neighborhood of Wynwood (think Brooklyn, NYC ), Coyo Taco is a must to visit. You can find everyone here after walking around to see the cool new art and graffiti done by the locals or before and after hitting up one of the surrounding bars. The burrito bowl and the pollo al carbon tacos are my favorites but they also have amazing quesadillas and churros. If you’re visiting, I would go during the day because as it gets later into the day they tend to get very busy and by nightfall the line is way out the door. It’s just that good!

Pizza Rustica

I try not to eat pizza too often but when I do I’m headed to Pizza Rustica on Lincoln road where the food and the price are right. I’m pretty basic when it comes to pizza so I usually just order the thin crust pepperoni pizza which comes cut into squares. But they have tons of other good choices, and you can also have a salad, breadsticks, and even a chocolate pizza! In the middle of the very popular Lincoln road shopping street you can do some shopping or just people watch, which is fun too.

Pincho Factory

So when I go to a restaurant with my friends they know nine times out of ten I’m probably going to order a burger. But some of the best burgers I’ve had while living in Miami are at Pincho Factory. I’m obsessed with the ‘egg’in burger’ and the ‘bacon n blue burger’ which I’ll always get with a side of Cajun fries. It’s the perfect place to go after seeing a movie/shopping at the new Brickell City Centre or before experiencing the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.


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