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90s Clothes You Used To Wear As A Kid That Are Still Cool Now

Root through the draws of your old childhood home and you’ll most likely find a treasure trove of retro wonders. The problem is that if you wear them you’ll either look like a sh*t time traveller or be bursting out of them so much it borders on public indecency. So if you want to avoid ridicule and jail time, we suggest replacing your vintage clobber with these on-trend updates you can still get away with.


Double Denim

When you had your best jeans and Levi’s denim jacket on you knew it was going to be an absolutely sick school disco full of skidding on your knees and Capri Suns. This combo is still as sweet, but instead of raving to 2 Unlimited you’ll find yourself channeling an on-trend Americana workwear vibe.


Le Coq Sportif

Whether it was playing 5-aside in Le Coq Sportif shorts or meeting your mates in some freezing park to drink an aggressive sized amount of cider in a hoodie, the iconic French brand is still as cool today as it was when you used to pinch pix & mix sweets from Woolworths. If you buy one thing from their latest collection, make sure you cop a panelled sweatshirt adorned with their signature colours.


Puffer Jackets

We thought puffers went the way of Turkey Twizzlers and the CD player, but they were obviously just hibernating and biding their time like vinyls and avocados. Either go full ’90s and wear them with a pair of trackies and trainers or give it a grunge feel with ripped jeans and Dr Martens, as the rules have been completely rewritten when it comes to this boyband staple that you once needed gelled curtains to pull off.


Light Up Trainers

Yeezys ain’t got nothing on these. Imagine rocking up to a club in these bad boys? No lining up, free bottle of Grey Goose, VIP area, numbers being given to you left, right and centre. If you ever find a pair of light up Spiderman trainers you can fit your feet into without breaking your toes, cop them ASAP, because these are rarer than a Dark Charizard shiny.

Wide Leg Jeans

OK, maybe not as wide leg as these, but we just had to use this picture of Hulk Hogan who’s obviously going through some sort of nu-metal mid-life crisis. Either that or we’ve caught him entering a state of Hulkamania and that’s actually his leg muscles expanding through regular fitting denim. Whatever we’re witnessing, the relaxed fit is back with a cropped update and you need to buy into it right now no matter what subculture you identify with or music you listen to.



Remember your mother layering you up in one of these? This guy misses those days, which is why he’s trying to regress to infancy by going oversize with his sleeves. But in all seriousness, fleece has become a staple material for streetwear brands because the texture is both interesting and practical.



Less genetically modified reptiles strapped around your waist only carrying loose change and Chupa Chups, more high fashion accessory that’s the first to go in a hyped branded drop. Expect to see these at every festival you go to this summer draped across the body in a nod to the grime scene, not at waist height like a middle-aged tourist.


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