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6 Holiday Gadgets That Will Make You Look Like A Tourist From The Future

Booked it, packed it, effing off? Check out our handpicked holiday gadgets before you do – they’ll help you generate Instagram jealousy with maximum efficiency.

Jet Lag Calculator
If you’re going far afield, the early morning buzz of heading off on holiday is quickly supplanted by the grinding comdown of jet lag. Even the most seasoned traveller’s plans can be knocked off course by it, and plans to go and visit the temple, church, beach, whatever, can be quickly supplanted by impromptu naps in the hotel and wasted afternoons. With the Jet Lag Calculator you can get around that – it’s a totally free service that will help you plan a sleeping schedule (starting three days before your holiday) that will have you feeling fresh and ready to go as soon as you reach your destination.

The Sitpack
Sick of being on your feet for hours when you’re at a festival? You’ve got three options – stay home, toughen up, or pick up a Sitpack. This crowdfunded porta-stool folds up to the size of a lager can for easy carrying, but when fully unravelled makes a rather cool seat you can take anywhere. Handy for taking the weight off your feet mid-rave.

Word Lens
This one’s a freebie – Google’s Word Lens is an app that will translate any text from one language to another, or at least try to. You’ll don’t even need an internet connection, so it’s just a case of waving it in the general direction of the road sign, menu or public toilet graffiti that you’re trying to read. Definitely beats the alternatives of asking a local using loud, slow English, or flicking through a Collins Gem like you’re someone’s dad.

Inflatable Bubble Tent
It’s not brilliant for privacy, but do you need any when you’re balling this hard? This £1500 space age igloo fortunately includes a blower to pump it up, and the more luxurious models can even be setup with heaters, electric lighting, shelves, wardrobes, beanbags, beds and more.

Its French creators say that it’s designed to allow campers to get closer to nature – slightly odd, considering it’s a hermetically sealed bubble with its own airlock – but it certainly looks like the most comfortable way to legitimately sleep under the stars.


Yep – it’s perfect for the first Monday morning after you get back from whatever booze soaked sunspot you’ve been visiting. Describing itself as an ‘immersive napping environment’, this £70 hat-pillow is also good for the plane, the hotel bar during a particularly grim hangover, or for ‘peacocking’ as a cuddly alien in the local nightspots.


Ultimate Ears Roll 2
This holiday-proof Bluetooth speaker ticks all the boxes – it’s small and light, it looks cool, it’s got a decent battery, and (best of all) it’s waterproof. In fact, it can survive a solid thirty minute dunking, which is particularly apropos as it includes a mini life jacket in the box – float it straight out onto the pool for that Diddy boat party vibe.

Sound quality is pretty good too, with decent bass and accurate treble. And it even includes a bungee cord, which you can attach to, well, anything – or anyone.



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