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6 Ways To Wear ’80s Menswear Without Looking Like You’re Going To A Fancy Dress Party

2017 is weird. Terrifying weather, the uncertainty of Brexit and fast food lovers starting rights over Rick and Morty’s Szechuan sauce are just a few anomalies. But with the release of Stranger Things Season 2 we’ve been injected with a sweet, comforting dose of nostalgia from a simpler time (apart from the constant threat of a nuclear war at the hands of the soviet union). So we’re taking a look at the questionable menswear of the decade and giving you a step-by step guide on how to pull off ‘80s style without looking like you’ve just raided your dad’s old clothes from the loft.

Morrissey showing off some serious skin

Silk & Lace Shirts

A look so decadent even Oscar Wilde has risen from the grave to purchase one. These are going to be Christmas party essentials this year, just you wait. Go simplistic with your tailoring (we suggest a skinny black suit for a nod to its rock ‘n’ roll roots) and combine it with a pair of sleek Chelsea boots, the shirt will do all the work.



Polo Tops

Made famous by Lacoste, Ralph Lauren and douche bag high school jocks from ‘80s teen movies, polo tops are back in a big way. There’s the trend for random logos that harks back to its branded origins, but there’s also our best-selling muscle fit polo tops if you’re more inclined to go for a protein shake rather than an American diner milkshake. We’d wear one of these with a pair of tailored joggers to channel the ever popular sports smart trend.


Oversized Overcoats

‘Tis the season to invest in a coat that will see you through the next few months of bleak weather. But what layer will you survive the season in? No, not that same parka you’ve been milking for 5 years. You’re better than that. Treat yourself to a versatile overcoat that goes with everything. When has Bill Murray ever steered you wrong?


Vision Street Wear

The ‘80s Californian skate brand has emerged from its slumber and is bigger than ever, now residing in the walls of Topman stores and on’t tinternet in the form of a limited edition capsule collection. Our standout piece is the red tracksuit with a funnel neck and metallic embroidery, which nails two trends in one – branded skate wear and terrace styling.


Slicked Back Hair

The grease ball look that plagued Wall Street isn’t just reserved for banking scoundrels anymore, it’s heavily sought after haircut made big again by the likes of Charlie Hunnam in Sons Of Anarchy. Read barbering experts Ruffians’ guide to how to get this year’s biggest hair style and achieve it for yourself. And no, it isn’t just a case of putting a year’s worth of wet look gel through your hair.


Light Wash Denim

George Michael, Bruce Springsteen…Chuck Norris. All the greats rocked light wash double denim in their heyday, so you can banish that image of Jeremy Clarkson out of your head now because they cancel him out. Extra points if you go for a relaxed, looser fit.



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