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8 Trends Menswear Stole From Womenswear

As men and women continue to redefine gender boundaries not only in fashion, but in general day-to-day activities, menswear is growing steadily closer to womenswear. Now that we’ve seen the Autumn/Winter 2017 collections it is more obvious than ever that menswear designers are trying to encourage more men than ever to try out new styles and ditch the standard jeans and T-shirt. This has resulted in a rise in menswear trends that have actually been either stolen or influenced by the womenswear collections over the years. Here’s our pick of the eight trends women wore first (and you should definitely be getting involved in).

Billowing Trousers
Let’s face it, the skinny jean has pretty much died a sudden death on the catwalk – really only Saint Laurent is still putting them out there (and getting them perfect) in its typical rockstar way. Instead wide-legged and baggy trousers have taken their place. Women were rocking these way before men – Giorgio Armani gave his suiting the baggy treatment for Autumn/Winter 2014 while the likes of Céline, Issey Miyake and Stella McCartney have all favoured wider legs over skinny. Now the menswear designers are following suit – Topman Design putting pavement-skimming trousers out season after season.

Pyjamas For The Day
Sleepwear for the streets has been a hot topic over the past few years. For Spring/Summer 2016 Alexander Wang had models walk down the catwalk in lingerie-inspired outerwear, which was soon picked up by a number of other designers. Soon it became the norm for pyjama-clad women going about their daily business across the globe. Then menswear took note. For Autumn/Winter 2017 London-based designers Katie Eary and Edward Crutchly presented collections of silk PJs fit for the daytime, while Per Götesson gave us slouchy bed-wear. Casualwear has never looked or felt so good.

Pussy Bows
The pussy bow has been a favourite for women since Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. In fact, it looks like it’s about to become a menswear staple (for the brave, we admit). Gucci has been making blouses with it for women forever and now Alessandro Michele has decided that men need to get in on the action.

Oversized Shoulders
Big boxy shoulders have been around for a while in womenswear, with the likes of Céline and Jil Sander getting involved with the broad look. Now men are able to do the same, with Balenciaga, Gosha Rubchinskiy and Vetements getting the exaggerated shoulder treatment. It’s a strong look that we hope isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

No Sleeves
While it isn’t exactly a revolutionary trend in womenswear, the absence of sleeves is quite something to marvel at in menswear and was almost definitely stolen from the opposite gender. Don’t think wife beaters and cans of Stella though – instead think Gucci’s sleeveless knitted vest for a dose of geek-chic and Louis Vuitton’s sleeveless outerwear.

Extra Long Sleeves
You might’ve noticed that sleeves have just become longer. That’s thanks largely to Vetements who are single-handedly subverting the way we wear clothes. Before that though it was over on the womenswear table that the longer sleeved cards were dealt. Marc Jacobs presented a collection with elongated arm details for Autumn/Winter 2016 and you guessed it, not long after the menswear designers started to do the same. J.W. Anderson is now a stalwart in longer-length everything, but for the past two seasons he has given us dramatically extended arms. Not terribly practical, but look cool nonetheless.

Fur (Or Faux Fur)
Now we are saying we agree with the use of fur, but we are here to report on trends and you cant do so without mentioning fur. While fur has been worn by humans for hundreds of years (cavemen anyone?), in fashion it has only just become a staple for men. While Fendi have become experts in the fur game for women thanks to Karl Lagerfeld, only in recent years has he ventured into making fur for men and now the likes of Burberry and Dolce and Gabbana are putting fur down the catwalk for their Autumn/Winter collections.

Seventies Vibes
The Seventies (along with the Nineties) is the fashion industry’s favourite era. Hedi Slimane (when he was at Saint Laurent) gave women billowing tops, ruffles and plenty of bohemian goodness. Now the Seventies trend has encroached upon menswear. Coach, Burberry and Topman Design have all gone back to the Seventies and have given us plenty of suede and shearling over the past few seasons.

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