8 Tips for Staying Fresh at a Festival

Festivals are great and that, but let’s not deny it – the struggle to keep our high hygiene levels intact is real.

In a bid to keep clean, here are the 7 lessons we’ve learned (by trial and error) to see you through festival season 2019.


1. Make sure you’re your cleanest before you set off

Don’t give yourself more work than necessary – make sure you give yourself a full before you even set foot in the festival. Have a good, hot bath, wash your hair, exfoliate your skin and moisturise when you get out. This will set you on a good pace for the first day of lugging all your belongings from the car park to the campsite.


2. Try to use reusable washcloths instead of wipes

An unpopular opinion it may be, wet wipes really are destroying the planet! We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: imagine if every festival-goer took a family pack of baby wipes. On average, that’s 60 wipes a packet, which would mean well over 1 million non-disposable, dirty wipes will be left on this planet. Instead, use reusable cloths that serve the same purpose again, and again, and again. Once they’ve been used, take them in the shower with you, clean them with shampoo or body wash and set them up to dry to use the next day.



3. Make sure you actually shower

Festival toilets may not be the most sanitary settings in the world, but you’ve got to get in those showers as much as you can. Queues will be long, so be wary of the time of day you use them. Take your own shampoo, conditioner, body wash and exfoliator (for the dirt).


4. Take plenty of towels

Ensure you have at least a couple of towels to hand. Towels are essential for not just showering but also everyday occurrences. Think split drinks, rain etc… If you run out, give them a wash in the shower along with your reusable cloths.




5. No toilet roll is enough (and sanitiser is vital, too)

Take. Your. Own. Toilet. Roll.

The last thing you ever want at a festival is to be desperately queueing for a portaloo only to find there is no toilet roll when you finally get in. Take plenty of your own and keep it safe. Much like the towels, you’ll find the toilet roll will come in handy more often than you’d like to think.


6. Have dry shampoo and deodorant to hand

If you like to cut corners and get things done quickly, dry shampoo and deodorant and imperative. Give your hair a quick spray of dry shampoo to rid of the grease and add some volume back in, and use deodorant as you would at home: often and in excess. Don’t be that guy who lifts their arms up to dance and clears the immediate radius from the stench.


7. Take a bag for your dirty clothes

Your clothes are going to get dirty – there’s no avoiding that. There is, however, avoiding getting your clean clothes dirty before you’ve even worn them. Make sure you have a bag for your dirty clothes and keep them separate from your cleans. No cross-contamination here.




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