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8 Things We Learned From Watching Tiger King

If you haven’t seen Tiger King yet, we urge you to log into Netflix and give it a go. We can quite confidently tell you that you won’t believe your eyes.

The new Netflix phenomenon, Tiger King, is the talk of the town. During isolation, Netflix has done a fantastic job (as always) of distracting us from our stay-at-home days with the most bizarre show to ever hit our screens. With Joe Exotic being the current household name, we thought we’d share with you 8 things we’ve learned from watching Tiger King.




1. Animal print is still very much a thing

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Tiger King, it’s that the animal print trend isn’t going anywhere. Since the trend got huge last year, we’ve been seeing injections of animal print all over the place. Now we know it’s 100% here to stay. Thanks, Joe Exotic.


2. You can do anything you put your mind to

From setting up your own zoo to making your own reality TV show, Tiger King has proved that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Whatever your goals are, we have 100% confidence in you to achieve them. Just keep ’em PG, yeah?


3. Mullets aren’t dead

Born in the ’80s, the mullet haircut was once a laughing matter. No more, kids; people are actually starting to take this haircut almost seriously again. We’re not saying you should rep it – just respect it (from a safe and comfortable distance).


4. Love has no limits

We don’t think we need to expand on this point. Just share the love.


5. …And neither do piercings

Whether it’s how many hoops you can get on one ear or how long an eyebrow ring can cling on on its last thread, male piercings are as on-trend now as they have ever been. In fact, we might do an article on ‘cool men’s piercings‘. Watch this space. Update: we did it. Read the piercings article here.


6. Never underestimate anyone

Another one that doesn’t need much explanation. If you’ve seen Tiger King, you’ll understand that sometimes people really don’t have any limits…


7. Bold shirts are greater than ever

Animal print or not, a bold shirt is the statement we all need. Your summer get-up or your next date look (paired with some black jeans and Chelsea boots), we have a load of printed shirts worth filling your wardrobe with.


8. Netflix has seriously got our backs during isolation

Don’t you just love Netflix? We know we do. We’re so grateful that, during these tougher times, Netflix has provided us with the entertainment we desperately needed. Need more viewing inspo? Here’s a list of all the new things on Netflix this year (so far).






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