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8 Things To Do This Halloween

With Halloween creeping closer, it’s time to get your Halloween plans in place. Gather your mates and go out for a spooky one or stay in to keep it low-key.

Like most annual events, there’s always far too much pressure to make the night unforgettable. Halloween is no exception. So, if you fancy going big, we’re all ears; equally, a night in with a Domi0nos and a couple of scary films will work just fine. Whichever is a bit of you, here are 8 Halloween ideas you can mull over.


1. Go On A Pub Crawl

Get out and about (and out of control) on a pub crawl. “That’s not very scary”, we hear you cry! Looking to for something more chilling than your pint? Make your pub crawl a trip around Whitechapel – home to Jack The Ripper and his many victims. Start at The Ten Bells.




2. Do An Escape Room

One of the most trending activities of 2019, escape rooms are a great way to pass time. As scary as you like, go for an escape room with a zombie or keep it PG with a Harry Potter edition. Whichever you opt for, escape rooms are a great way of pumping that adrenaline whilst testing your brainpower.


3. Go To The Churchill War Rooms

If culture is your thing (culture should be everyone’s thing), head over to the Churchill War Rooms to celebrate Halloween. Not scary in the slightest, this interesting venture will take you to the rooms that sit underground (underneath Westminster) where Churchill and his inner circle ran and directed the Second World War. Part of the Imperial War Museum, be prepared to step back into history, be in awe, get goosebumps – the lot.


4. Sail Down The Canal With Jägermeister

This Halloween, the spirit we all know and love has partnered with Ladies & Gentleman bar to create a Halloween trip down London’s canal. Called ‘The Dark Spirit’, Jägermeister’s cursed cruise takes you and up to 12 friends on a spooky sail lasting approx 2 hours. Expect to see their Jägermeister cocktail renditions on their floating bar as you wind your way down the London canal, drinks in hand. There’s a wood burner (to bring you back from the dead) and music to get your bones moving. What better way to see in Halloween than via the mysterious waters?

Get your ticket here.




5. Have A Halloween Movie Night

If you’ve opted to keep it low-key then you’re in need of some good films go get your teeth sunk into. Here are some of our personal favourites:

PS: The Nun trigger warning – image below. (Wasn’t that nice of us to warn you!).




6. Throw A Party

With as many or as little guests as you fancy, gather your mates around yours for a takeaway and games. Not into the scary scene? Cards Against Humanity (with or without alcohol) is for you. A fan of horror? Why not bring in ouija boards and let fate take over. If you like to dress up, this is your chance.


7. Go To A Pumpkin Patch

Why not? Everyone else seems to be doing it. A family venture or a date-day, head off to your nearest pumpkin patch, pick your pumpkins, go home and carve them. This is Halloween 101.


8. Do The London Bridge Experience

Voted the London’s scariest attraction, The London Bridge Experience and the London Tombs are bound to have your hairs stood on end. When you leave this experience, you’ll still be watching over your shoulders.

The London Bridge Experience takes you through London’s history of the bridge from the Iceni warriors battling the Romans through to the medieval chapel of St Thomas Becket when the Great Fire of London took place. Filled with interesting facts (and plenty of gore), you’ll leave with enough knowledge to boast about (albeit a little shaken).

Feeling brave? Continue your experience to the London Tombs. A truly terrifying scare maze, once you’re there, you’re on your own. Clowns, butchers, doctors, zombies and even those freaky exorcist ‘people’ jump out, chase you and, if you’re lucky, touch you, too. Whatever it is that sets you off – they’ve got it (and it really is coming right for you!).

To make your Halloween even scarier, The London Bridge Experience is inviting you to their annual Phobophobia 13. Not for the fainthearted (and adult only), this is a Halloween event that you won’t forget any time soon.







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