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7 Ways To Nail Transitional Dressing

Don’t worry – this isn’t some poncy new trend or the latest ridiculous fad. This is simply a break down of how to dress in that awkward warm to cold phase from the end of one season to the start of another.

The (not so) secret? Layering! Honestly, it’s not rocket science and we’re not saving lives. We’re just giving you a heads up and a nod in the right direction.

1. T-shirts. Just lots of T-shirts. All kinds of T-shirts, in fact.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: T-SHIRTS. If you want to grasp the basics of layering, know that you can honestly have no finite amount of T-shirts in your wardrobe. Obviously, you’ll want to stock up on your basic white, grey and black T-shirts for men, but don’t stop there: go for all kinds of styles to cover you for all types of days. Don’t leave yourself looking for a T-shirt to wear on a Sunday because you wore your best – and only – T-shirt out on Saturday.

We’re talking plain, coloured, printed, oversized, muscle-fit (if you have to), long line, short and long sleeved etc. The list goes on. Use your T-shirt as the base to start layering your clothes on top of.


2. Shirt it up

Shirts seem to be the next logical stage of layering. Whether you opt for a shirt buttoned up over your tee or you fancy going for the oh-so-edgy look of wearing one unbuttoned on top of the T-shirt, this look is bound to trap in an extra bit of warmth for the colder season. Again, work with a long or short sleeved shirt – plain or printed – and prepare yourself for another layer.


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3. Don’t sweat it

Hoodies and sweatshirts are your cold-weather essentials. There are so many different options out there that it’s basically impossible for you to not find a style or fit that works for you. You can wear your hoodie or sweat as the top layer of an outfit or even styled underneath a coat (smart or casual coats will look equally good). Some people like to go for the bold, branded feel (if this is you, check out Champion, Levi’s and Nicce) and others prefer an understated feel (Topman own is the way forward for this). Whichever you are, shop below to find an abundance of styles to layer up your outfit.


4. Jackets for days

Men’s jackets are never short in supply. There really are tonnes of different styles to pick from, so this season make sure you bag all your favourites whilst you can. The great thing about our coats and jackets is how transferable they are. You could wear an overcoat with your finest suit one day and style it with some joggers and a sweat the next. Men’s denim jackets go with almost every outfit – no matter what colour you opt for – and puffers are a must for keeping out the breezy chills. If the weather is on the edge of warm and cold, simply pack a lightweight windbreaker that you can whack out or put away with ease.



5. Joggers or jeans?

There’s no right or wrong answer here – only you can determine whether you’re having a jeans or joggers kind of day. Either way, both of these are great for building up that warmth during the colder seasons. Styled up or down, tackle transitional weather in your comfiest fits.


How To Layer

6. Accessorise

One reason we love Autumn/Winter is that we get to wrap up with all the best accessories. With chunky knit scarves, thick socks and every kind of hat, accessorising is not only practical but it’s also effortless. If your outfit is lacking any colour, throw on a striped scarf; if your look is a little bottom heavy, pop on a hat to balance it out.


7. Be coordinated

Transitional dressing means there will generally be a few layers of clothing. It’s important to make sure you coordinate all the layers so no matter what you take off or add to your outfit, you’ll always look good. If you struggle to match clothing together make it simple by either wearing all one tone (black, white, grey) and avoid any prints that may clash.


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