'Spenser Confidential' - 2020
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Bored? Here Are 6 Films Where Artists Swapped Singing For Acting

With Post Malone recently featuring in film Spenser Confidential, we thought we’d look back at some of our favourite artist cameos from the past few years.

We love seeing our favourite musicians dip their toes into the movie world. From Lady Gaga’s insane A Star Is Born role to smaller appearances like Machine Gun Kelly in Bird Box (yep, that was him), here are 6 cross-talented films worth giving a watch.


1. Mick Jagger in The Burnt Orange Heresy, 2019

Mick Jagger may have moves, but he’s also got some decent acting skills under his belt. The Burnt Orange Heresy, released in 2019, is crime/drama film about a powerful art collector, Jagger’s Joseph Cassidy, who hires someone to steal a painting from one of the most renowned artists in the world, whatever the cost.

'The Burnt Orange Heresy' Film - 2019


2. Machine Gun Kelly in Bird Box, 2018

Netflix original Bird Box was huge when it came out – is there anything more terrifying than something that’ll kill you if you look at? Either way, does anyone else not have any recollection of Machine Gun Kelly in the film? His mysterious character Felix got in his car, drove away, and was never to been seen again.

'Bird Box' Film - 2018


3. Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born, 2018

What an iconic film this was! Directed by Bradley Cooper and co-starring Lady Gaga, we were graced with a raw display of the queen herself for this emotion-jerking film. Following the story of lonely superstar Jackson Maine (Cooper) who finds Ally (Gaga) singing in a bar, these two stars’ acting was second to none. NONE.



4. Ed Sheeran in Game Of Thrones, 2017

It may not be a film, but Ed Sheeran’s cameo in Game of Thrones was as exciting as ever. Arya was merely trotting through the forest on her horse when we hear Ed Sheeran break into song around a campfire. ‘Hands of Gold’ was the track. “It’s a new one’, he says.



5. André 3000 in High Life, 2018

High Life is the story of Monte (Robert Pattinson) and his daughter as the last two survivors of an outer space mission. They’re headed towards a black hole, so things start getting pretty tense. AndrĂ© 3000 plays the role of Tchemy in this rather complex movie.

'High Life' Film - 2018


6. Post Malone in Spenser Confidential, 2020

Last, but by no means least, is Post Malone in the 2020 film Spenser Confidential. Appearing alongside Mark Wahlberg, Posty isn’t in the film for long, but it’s iconic none-the-less. Playing a roughed-up prisoner, we get to see the side of him that we’ve all been waiting for.

'Spenser Confidential' - 2020




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