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8 Bits of Technology You Never Knew You Needed

Everybody is guilty of craving things we know we don’t really need, but we just really want. We’re here to add fuel to that fire…

We’ve been on the hunt for our favourite bits of technology that you never knew you needed (and probably didn’t know existed, either). From portable charges that warm up your hands to pizza ovens for your garden, what takes your fancy?

1. Ring Video Doorbells are your new security

No more getting anxious about your home security, unexpected visitors or missing deliveries when you’re not in with Ring video doorbells.



Ring Video Doorbells are the answer to so many of your not-at-home issues. You’ll never miss a visitor or a parcel again, and rest assured Ring is always watching over your house when you’re not. So, how does it work? Their doorbells are incredibly easy to set up; download the app to your smartphone, connect your doorbell by simply scanning the code on the back (no long numbers and processes required) and follow the simple app instructions to connect the device to your phone and wifi. Once that’s done, set it up at the front of your house (or back, if you want) with the equipment included in the box. Play around with the settings (how far you want it to detect, etc), and sit back and let the doorbell do all the hard work for you.

Whenever the doorbell detects motion or rings, you’ll get a notification on your phone telling you so. You can then tap into the app and take a look at who is there via video, where you’ll be able to have a two-way conversation no matter where you are.

Oh, and just in case you’re in the market for some extra security, they’ve now launched the coolest looking security cams, too.

Head over to the Ring website for a closer look.

2. SCUF controllers to up your game

If you’re a guy who severely enjoys your gaming, then this bit of tech is exactly what you need to get your hands on.


There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day and ridding of your remaining energy on that game you’ve been working at for a while now (if that’s you’re kind of thing). Well, if lately you’ve been sat there thinking ‘it’s about time I replaced that sweaty remote’, look no further. SCUF Gaming makes professional controllers (totally leading the industry), providing customisable controllers for all major gaming units including Xbox and PlayStation.

In fact, they’ve got such a good reputation (and product) that over 90% of the top professional gamers in the world use SCUF – impressive, right? With different controllers to pick from (covering a range of your gaming needs), you can make your controller completely your own with such ease.

From scrolling through Netflix to beating all your mates at Fortnite, SCUF is something we refuse to let you miss out on. Let’s see who’s winning now!

We know you’re curious – head to their website to take in more SCUF.

3. KitKase USBee Travelcase that charges you up as you go

Have you ever been sat in an airport frantically looking for the nearest plug to charge your phone? KitKase is here to help… and all in the name of charity, too.


We’ve all been there – long lengths of travelling would be dire without our phone, laptop, kindle etc. That’s why KitKase has come along with a design that solves all our dead battery problems. Their USBee Travelcases, as part of their Manchester Bee collection (coming in handy cabin-approved sizes), have built-in in/out functioning charging cables so you can put your phone on charge on the outside while the power comes from the inside.

Worried that someone might try and take your battery pack? Fret not – KitKase has got your travel essentials secure. Using a TSA combination security lock, both the zips are firmly locked (really – you won’t be able to move them) until you enter the built-in combination.

And here’s the best part: each travel case has the Manchester Bee embossed on the front as well as on the lining. Approved by the Manchester City Council, KitKase has agreed to donate 25% of profits from sales of the Manchester Bee case to the Lord Mayor of Manchester’s Charity We Love Manchester. Doing good, looking good – count us in.

Have a browse of the collection on the KitKase website.

4. Zippo Heatbank – charger & hand warmer

We couldn’t help but love this…  and, coincidentally, it goes hand-in-hand with the KitKase USBee Travelcase. Portable charger, anyone?



Perfect for travels throughout the year, the Zippo HeatBank doubles up as a portable phone charger and a hand warmer, snuggly fitting into our brief of things you never knew you needed.

This rechargeable USB Heatbank will charge phones, tablets, laptops, cameras etc, ideal for taking on the go on your travels (even better in a USB suitcase… if you’ve got one…). With 5 heat settings for adjustable warmth, you can pick and choose when you want to bring the heat.

We’ve found this hot bit of tech a life saver for commutes – we’re sure you’ll realise how much you need this in your life, too.

Go on, take a look on the Zippo website.

5. Skullcandy Venue headphones and Pulse Earbuds

Turn your music up louder (and block out the rest) with Skullcandy’s new and improved headphones. But don’t worry, nobody else can hear.



We all want our music louder… everyone else wants our music quieter. It’s a battle that’s born to be lost… until now. Skullcandy has brought out two highlight products that we had to mention. Sure, no one really needs louder music, but let’s face it – we all want it. The Skullcandy Venue Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones are here to make your space yours, and everyone else’s theirs. Listen to your tunes on the move, as loud as you like, without disapproving glares from grandmas. If your headphones are running low, rest assured you’ll have them back in no time with the rapid charge feature – 10 quick munites and you’re good to go. The Venue headphones also have a microphone so you can chat away just like you would on any other device.

While we’re on the wireless hype, we’re currently loving the Skullcandy Push Wireless EarBuds. With a 12-hour battery life (plus a charging case), the wireless Bluetooth headphones have a microphone plus call, track, and volume control features in a water-resistant design. These are at the top of our ‘will-use-everyday’ list.

Get a closer look at the collection on the Skullcandy website.

6. Siesta Charge for overnight, cordless phone charging

An alarm clock, a radio, a Bluetooth speaker and a cordless phone charging pad… we may not need it, but we sure as hell want it.



The Siesta Charge by Pure is a handy little device. With the ethos of letting you wake up recharged, this alarm clock does all the work whilst you sleep (helping you physically wake up, too). In fact, the features on this are quite extensive: in addition to all of the above, its also got an auto-dimming display (so the light doesn’t keep you awake), a sleep timer (if you like noise while you drift off), a kitchen timer, (for timing things in the kitchen, obviously), radio alarms (wake up to your favourite songs), USB ports to charge other devices and over 40 radio stations to choose from).

Incredibly easy to set up and use, this bit of tech will enhance your everyday life without you even realising (and, in our opinion that’s the best you can ask for).

Browse the Siesta Charge and the rest of Pure’s range.

7. The Gillette styler for everyday ease

For most men, shaving every morning is probably the biggest chore. Trust us when we say it doesn’t have to be that way – Gillette has made sure of it.


The Gillette Styler brings the ease back into your shaving routine – something you no longer have to drag your heels about doing. Built with three exchangeable combs for a custom shave that suits your preferences, you can trim and style your beard (and moustache) to whichever length and look you please.

If you’re one who is all about precision, the Gillette Styler is ergonomically designed with easy grip handles to reach all those angles. The bonus bit? You can pair this styler with any Gillette Fusion5 men’s razor blade cartridge, so think of it more like a bathroom upgrade.

It’s all-purpose, it’s waterproof and it’s incredibly affordable. Take a look for yourself.

8. Ooni pizza oven

A portable pizza oven? In your garden? In time for summer? Oh yes…



If you’re as much of a pizza-fanatic as we are, you’ll understand the indescribable excitement for this Ooni Koda portable pizza oven. We can just picture it… summer, sunshine, friends and pizza. Lots of pizza.

Founded by husband and wife duo, the award-winning brand Ooni came from their urging desire to have restaurant-quality pizza from their very own home. Disappointed by the lack of option (and invention) on the market, they went and designed their very own ‘fast, portable, cost-effective, kick-ass wood-fired oven’. Now, a few years later, they’ve just launched the Ooni Koda gas-powered outdoor oven – the first (and best) of its kind.

Make no mistake in thinking a pizza oven is a complex tool – it’s easy to use and exceptionally quick from A-B. Simply unpack your oven, fold out the legs, plug it into a gas tank and you’re good to go. The oven will be ready to cook your favourite pizzas (in just 60 seconds!) after 15 minutes of heating to a temperature of up to 500°C (932°F). If you ever tire of pizza (an unlikely affair), use the temperature dial to adjust the oven for some of your other favourite foods – from fish to veg, the Ooni Koda oven cooks it all.

If you, like us, need a little help in the preparation department, Ooni have you covered with their page of easy-to-follow recipes. From basic pizza dough to all sorts of culinary wonders, you’ll be up and running in no time at all.

Get a look at all of the information on the Ooni website.




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