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The 7 Biggest Gym Crimes No Man Should Commit

We say crimes, actually there are no binding laws specifically for gyms but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you shouldn’t do. Whether you’re a towering behemoth of a man that spends every waking hour pumping iron and swimming in protein shakes, or a newcomer to the gym who has no idea what glutes are and thinks abs is the name of someone from Blazin’ Squad, there are certain codes of conduct to abide by. Follow our lead and you won’t go far wrong.

Take a Towel
There are a lot of things that put us off exercise, but none quite so much as waiting for the guy on the machine before you to finish his set, stand up and walk away, leaving a perfectly formed print of his backside outlined in sweat on the seat. It’s enough to put you off your Creatine. Don’t let yourself be that guy, and always remember to take your towel to the gym.

Don’t Hog the Machines
If you’re that guy who finishes his reps and then gets his phone out and starts messing about on it while a queue forms then stop it! Stop it now! This kind of behaviour is fine if the gym isn’t busy, but when the line for the machine you’re on is stretching out the door and across the street then you should let the next guy do a set while you rest.

Badly Placed Kettlebell Swinging
Take yourself back to your youth: You’re playing some badly rendered 1990s computer game and in order to progress to the next level you have to guide your character through a series of swinging boulders lest you be knocked to your death. That’s the environment you’re creating for people when you decide to do kettlebell swings by the treadmills.

NEVER Laugh at Anyone for Trying
There might be a guy in the gym who is not far off 60 stone and is bringing down a ceiling panel with each step on the treadmill, but do you know what? It took him a lot more effort physically and mentally to walk through that gym door than it did for most of us and he’s trying to make some self-improvements. The same goes for the skinny guy on the free weights.

Ok, sometimes, if you really are pushing yourself a bit of a grunt with each rep is unavoidable. However, when you’re doing it on every single exercise, so loud that people outside can hear you then you need to get a grip. We get it, you think you’re hard.

People are at the gym to work out, they have paid money to be in the gym and work out. If the heaviest thing you’re lifting is your iPhone to take a selfie on the thigh-master then just get out.

Hoarding Equipment
We’ve all seen him, he’s the guy sprinting away on the treadmill with a yoga mat rolled out on the floor, four sets of dumbbells placed on top of it and a skipping rope draped round his neck. If you aren’t currently using it, put it back.

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