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6 Ways To Boost Your Spirits Without Doing A 5k Run

If running isn’t for you (fair enough) and you’ve been itching to get involved with all the goings-on in the world as we now know it, here are 6 ways to boost your spirits, no calf cramps in sight.

As much as we love seeing everybody getting active and running their 5ks, we can’t help thinking that running simply isn’t for everyone. If you’ve been wondering how to get involved, do your bit or how to simply boost your mood in these tougher times, here are a couple of suggestions that we’ve found really helpful.


1. Reach out to CALM, reach out to friends

We feel very strongly about the power of reaching out and checking in. That’s why our partnership with mental health charity CALM is one of our most treasured relationships. CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) are doing a fantastic job holding the forts with their helpline, accessible for everyone. If you or someone you know needs a bit of help, get in touch, reach out and stay connected.


2. Support the NHS with Toby’s prints

If you’re looking for a creative way to give back, this is the answer for you. TOPMAN model, an incredible photographer and an all-round great guy, Toby Watkins has decided to sell his prints for the NHS. Check out his website (here), find your favourite print (picking a favourite is genuinely hard, but ours is the feature image above!) and click purchase, knowing that 100% of the proceeds go to the NHS.

Toby tells us, “Earlier this year, I had the privilege of travelling to the Okavango Delta in the north of Botswana. Whilst there, I became obsessed with capturing wildlife. I wanted to share my favourite images and, given the current circumstances, I thought what better way than through a charity print sale to raise money for the NHS”


3. Help your neighbours

Do you have any neighbours who could really do with a helping hand right now? Whether that’s doing a local shop, walking their dog or popping a kind note through their door, random acts of kindness are mood-boosting for both parties. We’d highly recommend it.




4. Clap every Thursday at 8pm

You know the drill! Every Thursday evening at 8pm, open your front door or window and give the NHS a big old clap (or bang on some saucepans for extra effect). Supporting our healthcare heroes has never been more important, plus, there’s no better way to fill yourself with community spirit.


5. Draw rainbows for the windows

Arts and crafts? Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. Surprisingly therapeutic, get familiarised with your creative flair and make some artistic rainbows to add to your windows to keep spirits high. Drawing, Photoshop graphics, sculpture… whatever floats your boat.


6. Send a letter with Papier

Letter sending has never been more popular! With Papier’s personalised letter paper, now’s the time to mix things up by writing to your nearest and dearest (poems, jokes, general chit-chat – whatever you fancy). Remember as a kid how exciting it was to actually get post? Yeah, that.

It’s also worth checking out the Papier notebooks and journals, too. Writing down your thoughts is a brilliant way to unwind and de-stress. Hang on in there!






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