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6 Tried, Tested & Approved Vegan Recipes

With the explosion of vegan food and many of us not knowing where to start, we couldn’t resist doing the hard work for you by trying and testing some fresh plant-based recipes.

Whatever the occasion, be it a family party, the BBQ we’re all holding out for or simply your dinner, vegan food is in high demand and we’re here to cater. We had a chat with Louise and Vanessa from The Vegan Larder (an online store that specialises in Deluxe Subscription and Gift food boxes) to gain some serious insight into their favourite, easy and definite crowd-pleaser dishes.

They make cooking, snacking and eating plant-based food effortless. Here are the top 6 recipes we’re loving…


BBQ-able Bean burger – holds together and flippable!

No one wants their burgers falling apart on the BBQ. Finding the perfect vegan burger may seem a struggle, but here’s how you can make your own, even better version.

We personally love our burgers to be filling, have great texture and withstand the mighty flip! Burgers made with beans are packed with protein; you can choose what bean you use depending on what’s in your kitchen cupboard. This one uses black beans and kidney beans, but chickpeas also work fine.

The secret to them holding together? Use linseed (sometimes called flaxseed) instead of egg. Blend this up and add water until it goes into a binding jelly-like substance. Super-easy vegan egg.

Check out the recipe here.




Summer Potato, Pea and Dill Salad

Every burger needs a stellar salad to go alongside it, but this one is also a great meal on its own. We adore this salad because it’s made with vegan mayo. (Yes, it exists and Rubies in the Rubble do a great version). This salad is made with new potatoes, peas and mangetout with the addition of delicious ingredients to make it tangy like dijon mustard (another great secret vegan ingredient).

Try the recipe here.



Black Bean & Smoked Paprika Hummus Dip

No gathering is complete without a good dip and dipping vessel. We love hummus, but using chickpeas every time can get a little bit samey. Recreating with black beans, and adding some spice like smoked paprika for an oaky taste, we’ve pulled together a dip worth jumping in. You can dip chopped veg, breadsticks, or tortilla chips into this. Or use a spoon – we won’t tell. This one’s great for a starter or side for your parties.

Try the black bean hummus here.




Corn and Courgette Fritters

Eating seasonally (when we can) is fun and fresh, not to mention easier on the wallet. Right now, it’s all about courgettes, so The Vegan Larder cook them in every way they can. They showed us their corn and courgette fritter recipe using the linseed vegan egg trick. They’re fried in a little oil – so they taste like a treat – but are filled with plenty of fibre and vitamins to keep up that health. Another quick and easy recipe in the bag.

Make these fritters here.




Carrot and Caraway Puree on Rosemary Sea Salt Crackers (Canape)

Canapes are there to impress; The Vegan Larder has plenty of fun, bite-size recipes up their sleeves. We’re in favour of keeping it simple and colourful. This carrot and caraway puree is easy to make plus, caraway is a totally underrated spice. The crackers taste professional with the rosemary and sea salt, but if you don’t have time to make them, there are plenty of crackers you can buy ready-made – it’s not cheating if you don’t tell.

Impress with this carrot caraway canape.




Salted Caramel and Chocolate Pots

There’s always room for dessert. Chilled desserts doesn’t have to mean we do away with chocolate, it means it’s an excuse to chill it instead. This one tastes like a posh version of those rolo desserts we ate as kids. It’s more than easy to make using melted chocolate, coconut milk, and the secret ingredient, sea salt. This is one you won’t believe is vegan.

Get your chocolate Rolo chill on with this recipe.



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There are so many more plant-based recipes that The Vegan Larder have conjured up. To see the rest, check out their recipes on their website.




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