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6 Times Male Celebs Have Given Major Hair Inspo

Celebrities are one of the most influential means of inspiring haircuts or hairstyles across the globe. Whether it’s from the red carpet or the next biggest TV series, we always want what they’ve got (hair-wise, of course).

So, to feed our thirst for great haircuts, Bradley Smith from Bradley Smith Hair has delved into the records and pulled out some of the top men’s celeb hairstyles of recent. These are the styles we’re seeing more and more on the streets, so take a look and see if any of them give urge you to have a switch-up up top!



Brad Pitt

From: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Red Carpet – The 72nd Annual Cannes Film Festival.

The style: Slick back.

Why we love it: This look is easy to style as well as being low maintenance.

Perfect for: Guys with naturally straight hair.


Photo Credit: The Independent

How to achieve it: Let your hair naturally dry and then apply a pea size of pomade, brushing it through from your forehead back. Leave this to set. To keep the shape and hold throughout the day, apply a dash of hairspray eight inches away from your hair (to avoid focusing on one area) – you want to finish with an even distribution.


Kit Harington

From: Game Of Thrones Season 8 Screening – Red Carpet Arrivals.

The style: The wavy quiff.

Why we love it: What’s not to love about wavy hair?

Perfect for: Any guys who have hair full of texture and natural curls.


Photo Credit:

How to achieve it: If you have curly hair, take advantage and work with your hair’s movement in creating texture.

Towel-dry your hair and apply a couple of pumps of sea salt spray – this will give your hair the added texture needed for this style (focus on the roots as this will provide hold as well). Apply a styling cream and blow-dry your hair back using a vent brush which will give it some added lift.


Justin Timberlake

From: iHeartRadio Music Festival, 2018.

The style: The side-parted quiff.

Why we love it: Suitable for most hair types as it can be adapted.

Perfect for: Ideally for guys with medium-straight hair for the classic side part quiff, however, wavy hair can create a texture version and put a twist on a heritage hairstyle.


Photo Credit: Socialite Life

How to achieve it: Take towel-dried hair and blow-dry it on a low heat to create the basic shape. Using a pea-sized amount of styling cream, work the product from the back of your head forward.

For a messier style, use your fingers to create texture and volume. For a clean classic look, use a comb to separate the parting and define.


Miles Teller

From: Too Old To Die Young Press Conference – The 72nd Annual Cannes Film Festival.

The style: Textured Quiff.

Why we love it: This 80s inspired hairstyle embraces any natural wave.

Perfect for: Thick wavy hair or curly hair – it can be adapted.


Photo Credit: British GQ

How to achieve it: Let your hair naturally dry and apply sea salt spray. Blow-dry it back on a medium heat whilst using a vent brush to create the basic shape of the hairstyle e.g. the lift in the fringe. Apply a pea size amount of matte clay and rub into your hands. Make sure you use your fingers to style this as it will create texture and give a messy finish. For more volume, sprinkle a dash of styling powder to pump it up.


Ryan Reynolds

From: Pokemon Detective Pikachu US Premiere.

The style: Tapered Side Parting.

Why we love it: Because it works for most hair types.

Perfect for: Guys with shorter sides and facial hair for a masculine edge.

How to achieve it: Towel dry your hair and apply some styling cream or a coined sized amount of matte paste. Following its natural growth pattern, work with it for easier styling. Use hairspray for some added hold.


Joe Jonas

From: Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020.

The style: Wavy French Crop.

Why we love it: It’s an easy, classic style.

Perfect for: Wavy & Curly.


Photo Credit: Us Magazine

How to achieve it: Ask for a scissor cut on back and sides with length on top, especially in the fringe. Get a pointcut to create texture, ideal for hair with a natural kink as there’s no need for overuse of products to recreate the style. Keep the sides shorter to highlight the length on top.

To keep it natural, use a hair tonic or sea salt spray and leave to dry. Use hands to rough up the hair to create a choppy textured look.





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