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8 Things You Need To Build A Man Cave

The man cave. Every guy has one. And if you don’t have one, you definitely want one. A safe space for personal use, this is what guys really dream of.

It doesn’t have to be big and it sure doesn’t have to be fancy; a man cave is whatever your heart desires. A film nerd? Set up a big cinema screen and get some comfy sofas. A sports lover? Now’s your time to hang those football posters your other half hates. Got the lads coming over? Poker, anyone?


Firstly, What Is A Man Cave?

A man cave is simply a chill-out space for men and women to hang out and enjoy. Knowing how to build a man cave isn’t rocket science; filled with things that make you happy, it’s a stress-free zone where the only rule is there are no rules. You get the gist?

Knowing what to put in a man cave is your first port of call. Foosball tables, punchbags and car memorabilia to flaunt, here are a few suggestions thrown your way.


1. Step 1, State Your Name

When you have your man cave, you best believe you’ll be the proudest owner you’ve ever been.

You’ve seen it in bars, pubs and, well, pretty much any cool venue – neon signs are a trend that isn’t going anywhere. What better way to light up your man cave than with your own, personalised neon man cave sign?




What: A personalised neon sign from Neon Poodle.

TOPMAN SAYS: After looking around for what we deem to be the best neon sign maker of all time, we found Neon Poodle. Committed to transforming any envisioned design into real life, Neon Poodle will create your custom neon sign from scratch. Whether you want a simple sign stating ‘DAN’S DEN’ or a more complex image of sorts, the team will guide you into getting your name in lights.

Well-made with perfect quality, why not try out their online design feature. Pick fonts, colours, cut-outs, size etc, and get one step closer to making your stamp.



2. Add Some Form Of Game

No, we don’t mean a snakes and ladders board – we’re talking about a full-fledged, all-interactive game that you can call your mates over to play. Our favourite? Table football! Also known as Foosball, this is a classic that reaps in the victories – nothing says ‘healthy competition’ quite like it.




What: A football table from Liberty Games.

TOPMAN SAYS: If you’re going to kit your man cave out with a football table, don’t let it be any old thing. Our top pick is the Strikeworth Aurora LED Football Table from Liberty Games. Made of solid MDF, this table can take more competitive impact than you’d think. Perfect for two people or get your mates round for a championship, this is going to be a total envy-trigger.

4ft long (a full-size table), it’s fully kitted with LED lights to literally give you a glow as you victory lap around the room. You’ll have to build the table yourself, but no pain, no gain, right? (It’s actually very simple). When you’re done playing, cover it up with the solid tabletop it comes with to keep it looking fresh.



3. Now For Your Gym Equipment

To get some serious testosterone (or just sweat) pumping around your man cave, you need to invest in some key home gym pieces to get your A-game going. Making your own home gym doesn’t have to be expensive (or a chore, either). Think about what you actually enjoy doing at the gym, and bring that to life in your own home.




What: A Punchbag from Mirafit.

TOPMAN SAYS: We reckon a punchbag is by far most men’s favourite part of the gym. A great way to exercise and release energy (or stress) in one, what better way to output than this? Delivered straight to your door, Mirafit create gym equipment specially for your home. Their punchbag genuinely packs a punch standing at 156cm (5″ 2). Fill the base with sand or water to keep it rooted to the ground at go at it with your best shot. Pump some music and there you have it: the most private, stress-relieving workout you’ll ever do.



4. And Something To Punch With

There’s little in point having a punchbag if you’ve got nothing to punch with (and no, you can’t just use your bare fists). If it’s got your name on it, nobody else can touch it. Rule. And let’s be honest, do you really want anyone else putting their sweaty hands into your personal boxing gloves? We don’t think so.




What: Personalised Boxing Gloves from We Print Balls.

TOPMAN SAYS: Don’t let just anyone wander in and think they can take to the ring; these boxing gloves are yours and there’s no question about it. What we love about We Print Balls is their attention to detail. They don’t just chuck your name on any old pair – these gloves are made completely by hand out of dark leather. The highest of quality, you’ll know they’ll last you for years to come.

Oh, and if you’re a football fan (boxing isn’t for everyone), We Print Balls cover a whole load of products for every sport. A football with your name on it? A rugby ball with your name on it? How about a personalised vintage memorabilia football? Whatever you want, make it yours.



5. Add A Bar And Decent Glassware

A bar is a luxury for anyone who needs to wind down after a long week. In most cases, a bar will be the pièce de résistance of the whole man cave, so it’s well worth doing it properly. Experimenting with cocktails or hosting a party, a well-stocked bar will have you prepped for any occasion.

That being said, there’s little point in having a bar if you’ve not got the glassware to match. Unless you’re planning on serving drinks in those red plastic cups you see in movies, you might want to consider investing in some longer-lasting pieces.




What: Whiskey glasses from Corkicle.

TOPMAN SAYS: The pinnacle of sophistication, every gentleman needs a proper Whiskey glass to enjoy his tipple. This Whiskey Wedge glass from Corkicle is a two-in-one-wonder. It keeps your drink of choice nice and cold whilst doubling up by watering it down (as the ice melts) without the hassle of adding in any water yourself. Oh, and it looks really cool too. Serve up this baby, and everyone will know you have your sh*t together.



6. And Something To Fill The Bar

Every bar deserves a line-up of bottles ready to serve to guests or to yourself as a weekend treat. Whether you have the budget to create a full bar with all the trimmings or you’d rather go for something stripped back and simple like a trolly or even just a shelf, creating a bar that suits you will help tie your cave together.

Now it’s time to stock it…





What: Jägermeister Personalised Packs

TOPMAN SAYS: There’s little point in having your very own private bar if you haven’t got anything to fill it with, and what beats having a range of personalised bottles to showcase? Enter Jägermeister. We’ve just discovered their customisable gift packs which make for the best bar additions. Stick your photos on the box (doubles up as a picture frame), put your names on the shot glasses and personalise your bottle with their gift pack options. It doesn’t get more fun than that.

Oh, and just a heads up, these make GREAT Christmas presents, too…



7. This Is For The Car Lovers

If cars are your pride and joy, why wouldn’t you want to add some engine to your man cave? No need to drive your car into the centre spot, though – there are plenty of (less invasive) ways to incorporate cars into the cave.

One idea might be to hang up posters or signs of your favourite car on the wall. Another could be using tyres to makeshift furniture. Our favourite, however, is to build your own model of a car you love. Your very own handy work, much like a trophy this is something you can admire (and brag about) for years to come.




What: Porsche Carrera Racing 547 Engine Construction Kit by Design 911.

TOPMAN SAYS: We found it: the perfect gift for every car-crazy guy. This is lego all grown up.

Coming in 300 parts, this ‘puzzle’ is the most rewarding one you’ll have ever made. Fact. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy to put together; you’ll need to give yourself a good few hours (and a mate to help) to tackle the construction of the engine. As a 1:3 model, everything screws together (no glue needed) to give you your own personal and powerful Porsche racing engine. Of the highest quality – because nothing but the best here – this is what every man cave has been missing ’til now.

When you’re done, showcase this in your man cave for some serious cool points. Show if off to your friends, family and strangers passing on the street – if you make this model, you deserve to flaunt it. Oh, and it makes a great Christmas present, too.



8. Don’t Run Out Of Juice

If you’re spending hours in your man cave watching films, working out or even just chilling with friends, you don’t want to be running back to the bedroom to grab your charger every time your phone runs out of juice. The solution? Portable chargers that stay with you wherever you go…





What: The Nolii Couple Case and Battery

TOPMAN SAYS: Nolii is the new tech brand we never knew we needed. Their aim is simple: to provide us with effortless, stylish solutions to make our every-day tech lives easier. The Nolii Couple System starts with the phone case which has the signature clip mechanism on the back. You can then build your own system by getting your hands on the add-ons, each of which simply clips into the phone case. We’re loving the Couple Battery pack for keeping our phones alive, but it’s also worth checking out the Couple Fitness Band for hands-free exercise and the Couple Wallet to keep your essentials on you at all times.




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