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6 Of The Best Games To Play This Christmas

Whatever your plans are this Christmas, it’s never too late to inject a bit of fun into the festivities. Put charades to the side ‘cos these games are taking over.

We’re all for a Christmas full of fun, but if you, like us, get a bit bored of the same old games where somebody inevitably throws their toys out the pram and quite possibly cries, you’ll be looking for a way to switch it up as well. We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for some slightly different, upbeat offerings that you can whack out this Christmas instead (and we’ve even put them to the test).


1. Weird Things Humans Search For

What: Have you ever typed something on Google and been astounded at the prompted suggestions? Us too. This game is all about that. A team game based on all the bizarre things people search for, it’s your job to guess the most popular.

How To Play: First, find yourself a search master. This will be the person who reads out the cards, collects the answers and adds up the points (basically gets away with doing the bare minimum while sipping a drink). The rest of you needs to get into teams of 2 or 3 (or play separately if there’s not many of you). The search master will read out the first half of the sentence and, as a team, you’ll have to guess the last bit.



TOPMAN Says: We’re all a bit guilty of being intrigued by the internet searches of the world, so this game is the perfect way to feed that curiosity with a side dose of fun. A fun one for the family at Christmas, the weirder the answers, the better. We think you’ll also be surprised at how far your nan’s imagination might stretch at some of these…

To make this game even merrier, the loser has to make the next round of drinks (unofficially, of course).

Where To Buy: Find Weird Things Humans Search For on the Yes I Want It website.


2. Santa Banter Card Game

What: A Christmas game all about rhyming. A quicker, far more interesting version of Charades, this game is all about guessing the Xmas rhyme and racking up the points.

How To Play: To be honest, it’s actually quite complicated. We’ve found a great write-up of the instructions, so you may as well read those! You won’t regret it, though. It’s pretty fun.


TOPMAN Says: Once you get your head around the game, you’ll find this is a good’n to play with family and friends. A race against the clock, watching the panic reactions of the players makes it all the more fun. Small enough to wrap up, Santa Banter also makes a great stocking filler.

Where To Buy: Here, on TOPMAN (or click the image above).


3. Complete The Headline

What: A little like ‘Weird Things Humans Search For’, this game is all about finishing the headline. Taken from real news articles, these headlines get weirder the further you go.

How To Play: The players either have to try to pick the right answer or, failing that, the funniest. If the right answer isn’t picked, the funniest card wins (decided by the ‘newsreader’ of each draw which alternates each time). The winner is the funniest of the group. Period.



TOPMAN Says: This game suits everyone in the family; you’ve got the serious answers for those who can’t stand being wrong and the funny answers for the clowns of the group (dad). We actually found the game really interesting with a few googled headlines (for further reading) along the way!

Where To Buy: Find Complete The Headline on the Yes I Want It website.


4. Shot Pong

What: Does this one really need explaining? It’s beer pong, with shots.

How To Play: One table, two teams on either end. Position 6 shot cups in a pyramid and fill them with whatever drink you like. It’s the other team’s job to throw the ping pong ball in one of your shot cups. When they do, you drink the one it landed in. The first team to eliminate the other’s whole pyramid wins.


TOPMAN Says: A miniature twist on the classic, this one is definitely harder (which makes for a great game to fill Christmas Day with). Nice and competitive, this stocking filler will get the whole family involved (no alcohol for under 18s, though!). We’d suggest you get a slightly smaller table for this game – getting the ping pong ball in isn’t that easy…

Where To Buy: You can buy Shot Pong on the Topman website (or click the image above).


5. The Almighty 8 Ball Drinking Game

What: A drinking game? At Christmas? Why wouldn’t you want that?! This drinking game is made even better with the use of the favourite (and nostalgic) Magic 8 Ball. How much shall you drink? Only fate can decide.

How To Play: The game comes with 22 rule cards. To play, shake the Magic 8 Ball and it will tell you a rule you have to follow (matching up with the cards it comes with and, of course, a drink). Pre drinks have never looked so good.



TOPMAN Says: A fun addition to the drinking game stash, this is one to bring out on Christmas/New Year’s Eve when you’re ready and waiting to go out. We’d recommend playing the quick game version to keep things interesting.

Where To Buy: You can find The Almighty Magic 8 Ball Drinking Game on the Yes I want It website.


6. Mix-Tape Mash-Ups

What: Song titles and Artists – can you guess them? The only way to do this is by solving the riddle.

How To Play: Each card (either artist or song title) had a riddle relating to it. Everyone else has to guess. Think literal riddles such as ‘Youthful dreams always had a certain scent’. Answer: Smells Like Teenage Spirit (Nirvana). You get it? Race against the clock and see who comes out on top.



TOPMAN Says: This game is a lot harder than you might think; some of the riddles are pretty tough to crack. Good for the whole family (different genres over different years covered), this will have your brain power at work this Christmas. And hey, maybe it’ll inspire a Christmas playlist too.

Where To Buy: You can buy Mix-Tape Mash-Ups on the Yes I Want It website.




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