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6 Haircuts for the New Season

New season doesn’t just mean getting some new clothes, it means freshening up your haircut as well. But without some specialist knowledge, it’s hard to know what’s on trend and what isn’t, so we went to the experts: the team at Ruffians. After getting a little freshen up ourselves, they clued us in to the six haircuts you need to know about, what hair they work with and how to choose which one is going to suit you. Getting a good hair cut has never been this easy.

Men's haircuts side parting

The Soft, Centralised Side-Parting
What it is:
A scissor cut style that’s shorter on the back and sides than on top. Styled as a side-parting that sits slightly more towards the centre, it’s an easy-going version of the more extreme centre partings seen at Men’s Fashion Weeks.

Who does it suit:
This works particularly well for those with straight or wavy hair who have a straight brow with no recessional lines. Annoyingly, curly hair is too hard to work with so you’ll have to look elsewhere for your new style.


Men's haircuts messy texture

Messy Texture
What it is:
Slightly shorter on the back and sides that contrasts with a natural, textured finish on top. The weight is taken out of the back but left heavier in the front. When styling this cut, you’ll want to look to ‘natural’ products like salt spray and powder or a paste to add shine.

Who does it suit:
This messy textured cut works especially well for men with longer faces, as it re-balances their proportions. In terms of your hair, this is ideal for people with medium to thick wavy hair.


Men's haircuts long hair

What is it:
Recreate the style of medieval heartthrobs Poldark and Jon Snow with this mussed up, versatile hair style. You can achieve this look by either cutting it down from longer hair, or waiting 8-12 months until you next visit your hairdresser. Remember: once you’ve got the shape, you’re going to need to visit your barber regularly to keep it looking good.

Who does it suit:
Best for those with quite masculine features, or good facial hair growth, otherwise you could run the risk of looking a bit childlike (which really detracts from the Game of Thrones vibe you were hoping for).


Men's haircuts fringe

Ruff Fringe
What it is:
This is Ruffians’ signature choppy fringe. Cut with a short back and sides for contrast and left textured and weighty on top, you’ll style this by bringing it down over your forehead with natural finish product.

Who does it suit:
This style is particularly good for those with longer faces, as it will keep it your profile in good proportion and make it appear squarer. Also helpful if you have a slightly receding hairline, as this will conceal the finer patches.

Men's haircuts short buzzcut

What it is:
A grade 2 on top; a grade 1 on the back and sides; that can be faded from a 0.5 or a 0 up to a 2 on the top, for added interest.

Who does it suit:
The buzzcut is especially good for those with symmetrical faces, good bone structure, and a straight hairline(lucky buggers). Make sure you grow some stubble with it, so your head doesn’t look too egglike.

Men's haircuts long top short side

Chop Shop
What it is:
The classic ‘Chop Shop’ is pretty much the same length all over, but if you want to add a bit of personality to the look then you can have it cut shorter at the sides. When styling this you’ll want to keep it spiky – and maybe add a little bit of colour if you’re feeling adventurous.

Who does it suit:
Anyone with thick hair can pull this style off and it complements almost every face shape.
Fancy getting a Ruffians haircut yourself? Visit the team at their website to find your closest branch.

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