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6 Futuristic Workout Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you’ve ever found yourself passively gawping at a shopping channel in the small hours of the morning, you’ll no doubt already be well aware of how laughable the vast majority of workout gadgets tend to be. From the wildly suggestive Shake Weight, to those electric shock pads that boldly guarantee ‘rippling abs in just three weeks or your money back’, the fitness market is swamped with spurious products, making incredible claims, with little or no evidence to back them up.

It’s a shame, because not all workout gadgets are created equal. In fact. Some really can help to take your exercise to the next level. The only issue is how to sort the sublime from the ridiculous. Staying in that groove, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to put in the research and find the workout gadgets that really are worth your time, money and energy.


Hidratespark Glowing Water Bottle

If your mum was a water bottle, she would be this one. This nifty gadget tracks your H2O intake during your workout and reminds you to drink when you fall below the recommended amount. It does this by glowing different colours – green for when you’re nicely hydrated and then red for when you need to take a swig. It’ll also tell you once you’ve hit your daily target and sync up with your smart watch or smartphone so you can keep track at all times. Drinking water has never been so complicated, but staying hydrated has never been this easy.


Finis Neptune Underwater MP3 Player

If you love a few lengths in the pool just as much as you love your music but are sick of ruining iPods while enjoying both simultaneously then this little beauty will be right up your street. The Finis Neptune is designed specifically for use underwater, which, if nothing else, is truly proof that we’re living in the future. What’s more, this clever gizmo does away with traditional, non-aquatic earbuds and uses bone conduction technology to beam crystal-clear audio through your cheekbones and into your inner ear. That’s right. Bone. Conduction. Technology. You heard it here first.


Trace Action Sports Tracker

Exercise tracking gadgets and apps are all well and good when you’re moseying along on a bicycle or enjoying a leisurely jog in the park, but what about when you’re shredding the gnar in sub-zero temperatures at 15,000ft? Or covered in mud, blood and bruises, sending it on the downhill track at 40mph? That’s where Trace comes in. This little activity tracker is far mightier than it looks. It’s designed specifically for action sports and has been built to withstand a serious battering. So, If you’re more about big air than badminton, this could be the tool for you.


Under Armour UA SpeedForm Europa Record Equipped Running Shoes

If you were under the impression that light-up trainers were the absolute pinnacle of footwear tech innovation then think again. This mind-bending piece of kit from Under Armour offers all the benefits provided by your usual wearable tech suspects, the convenient difference being that all the guts of it are stored neatly in your trainers. The UA SpeedForm Europa records and analyses every possible running metric you could imagine and then provides you feedback on how you can improve.


Beeline Bike Navigation System

Hurtling along unfamiliar and busy roads while glued to Google Maps in an attempt to get your bearings is a good recipe for an impromptu jaunt to A&E, or worse. Thankfully, this nifty gadget provides a simple way of finding your way around on your bike, without using up too much of your attention. Just enter your destination using the linked iPhone or Android app and then simply follow the arrow on the handlebar mounted display to get you where you need to go.


VirZOOM Exercise Bike Sensor

Riding a bike, outside, moving and using your eyes to see where you’re going? HA! What sort of dinosaur are you? Here in 2018 – which I think we can all pretty much agree IS the future – there’s a new way to pedal your way to good health. And it’s doesn’t require staring at the wall in the gym for hours on end while using the exercise bike. Strap the sensor to the pedal of any stationary bike, pop on your VR headset and allow yourself to be transported into a world where you can dodge missiles, drive an F1 car and even lasso bandits on horseback, all while getting in great shape.

Probably best not to use it while out and about on your pushbike though.


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