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6 Facts You Didn’t know About Peaky Blinders

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For a little inspiration, and off the back of the most recent series, we’ve delved deep into the world of Peaky Blinders and our favourite family: The Shelbys, to find out more about the show than we’ve known before. *plays Red Right Hand while we try everything on*

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1. It’s entirely written by Steven Knight

While most series are written by a team of writers, or a rotating roster of talent – Steven Knight writes the entire thing himself. He even avoids other TV dramas so as not to inadvertently borrow from them. He considers the show ‘his baby’ and doesn’t like the actors to go off-script. One exception was made for Tom Hardy who dropped in a “listen, sweetie” in the last series and Knight liked it enough to bend the rules.


2. It’s been a long time in the making…

The story has been with Steven Knight since he was a kid. He is a proud Brummie and the show is based off stories he was told as a child by his grandparents and his Dad about gangs in Small Heath. His Dad once handed him a piece of paper and said: “Give it to your uncles” they were the Sheldons who, as we know, became the Shelbys.


3. Cillian Murphy doesn’t smoke but Tommy Shelby very much does…

While that’s not a shocker on its own, you might be surprised to hear that Murphy’s character went through 3,000 (!) cigarettes in one season. Since he doesn’t actually smoke, though, he uses rose-scented herbal cigarettes which he jokingly considers one of his five a day.




4. John and Michael are real-life brothers

This one blew our mind. Joe Cole’s John Shelby has graced our screens since day dot but his younger brother Finn (Michael Gray) joined as his brother’s cousin in later seasons as Polly’s son and the company accountant.


5. The actors perfected their accents not with a linguistics coach but with the help of a few famous pals…

Sam Neill went Irish with James Nesbitt (and was then asked to soften it up to make decipherable for the American fans)
Cillian Murphy had a drunken night with Steven Knight in THE REAL GARRISON PUB
And Helen McCrory enlisted the help of YouTube…and a lot of clips of Ozzy Osborne.




6. The Theme Song Has Some Famous Fans…

David Bowie apparently loved the show and its soundtrack so much he sent a picture of himself in a razored peaky cap a year before his passing. He also signed up for some of his music to feature. ‘Red Right Hand’ was adopted by the show for its theme tune but has been around for 25 years. Originally written and performed Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds in 1994, the song has been covered by numerous artists and bands including The Arctic Monkeys, PJ Harvey, Laura Marling, Iggy Pop, Jarvis Cocker, and…Snoop Dogg.


7. Which leads us to our final fact.

Snoop Dogg is such a big fan that he did an unsolicited cover of ‘Red Right Hand’. Word on the cobbles is he’s after a cameo…Until then, enjoy!





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