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6 Easy Festival Style Hacks To Try Out This Summer

Festival season is almost upon, which means a monster of a task is about to be thrust upon you: packing your bag. Apart from baby wipes and cereal bars, what do you need to pack for a festival? Well we’re here to answer this much debated question with an incredibly stylish answer with our guide to summer style.

Statement Shorts

Finding your mates in a field full of thousands of people after you’ve just nipped to the bar for a beer can be an absolute nightmare, but wearing bright shorts is the style equivalent of being a lighthouse. Make sure you’re spotted in a pair of statement swims, whether that’s in a neon color or tropical print, because no one wants to awkwardly listen to the XX by their self for an hour and a half.


Printed Shirts

You’re partying in a field by day, but hoping to sneak backstage to an after party later on. No security guard with common sense will let you in wearing a sweaty beer stained vest, but they might be fooled if they see you wearing a lightweight shirt with an eccentric print.


Wide Brim Hats

Even if you don’t think it’s that hot, spending 12 hours outside in the sun can take it’s toll on your crown, a place you often neglect with sunscreen. Avoid head blisters (ain’t nobody got time for that) by adding a wide brimmed piece of headwear to your outfit.



Give your feet the pleasure of not stinking at the end of the day (the others in the tent will thank you too) by ditching boots for some comfortable, airy loafers. If you’re worried about blisters, just wear invisible sock liners and prepare by putting a band-aid on your heels before you start your daily trek to the main arena.


Retro Sunglasses

At some annoying point of the day you’ll be watching a band and the sun will temporarily blind you with its selfish rays of happiness. Avoid this mild inconvenience and stick it to that big ball of fire in the sky by adopting some retro shaped sunglasses.



No one wants to walk back to their tent in 40 degree heat because they forgot the vodka hidden in a water bottle. Make sure your festival essentials are with you at all times by storing them stylishly in a conveniently sized backpack with extra utility pockets.


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