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6 Books You’ve Got To Read This Season

Some of you might restrict reading to your holidays; some of you may keep it to the commute, but for us (and many others) getting into a good book – whenever possible – is the ideal escapism we’re all in need of.

With so many different genres, titles and recommendations flying around, we thought we’d compile a simple, straight-to-the-point list of six books we think you’ll love this season. Hot of the press, we’ve selected from autobiographies to cookbooks (in no particular order) to keep you entertained ’til Christmas.


1. Gotta Get Theroux This – Louis Theroux

Legendary TV documentarian and all-round good egg, Louis Theroux’s memoir is as captivating and addictive as his best programmes. Providing an insightful glimpse into how he became an offbeat National Treasure and the chronicler of the dysfunctional, the damaged and the downright bizarre, Gotta Get Theroux This is a different kind of page-turner you need on your radar.



TOPMAN SAYS: If you’re a fan of all things extraordinary, Louis Theroux’s life will fascinate you. This book will have you in awe as he takes us on his journey of the most unexpected circumstances. It’s simple – if you enjoy watching his now-famous documentaries, you won’t be able to put this down. Honest and unscreened, this is a side to Theroux we’ve not yet seen.


2. The Secret Life Of Books – Tom Mole

This fascinating book skillfully and persuasively examines how books transform us as individuals. It’s about how books – and readers – have evolved over time and it’s about why, even with the arrival of other media, books still have the power to change our lives.



TOPMAN SAYS: One for the thinkers amongst us, Tom Mole talks about books in a way we’d never seen before. And he proposes a valid point – why do we read so much, and what does that even mean? A conversation starter, The Secret Life Of Books will have you deep in thought.


3. The Hunting Party – Lucy Foley

Agatha Christie couldn’t have dreamt up a more corrosive group of friends than the one in Lucy Foley’s exceptional debut that sees a New Year’s Eve party in the remote Scottish wilderness descend into murder and mayhem when a body is discovered in the snow. You’ll race to the end to find out the truth.



TOPMAN SAYS: You won’t stop until you know. A thriller is enough to satisfy every curious reader during the colder months – this is no exception. A classic whodunit scenario, Lucy Foley draws you in.


4. Greenfeast: Autumn, Winter – Nigel Slater

The UK’s favourite food writer brings together some of his favourite vegetarian recipes – nothing quite like some comfort cooking to see out the season. Expect to see big soups like tahini, crumbles made with leeks, tomato and pecorino and puddings like ginger cake, cardamom and maple syrup in this easy-to-follow book. These spirit-lifting recipes are a varied and glorious celebration of simple, plant-based cooking.



TOPMAN SAYS: One for the veggies and vegans amongst us, in this Autumn/Winter cookbook, Nigel Slater perfectly captures all of those winter warming dishes we’ve been waiting for. Tried and tested, we found this book so easy to understand (we like it to be simple), which is always a bonus with cook books. A beautiful layout (and imagery to match) we’ve found these recipes make just as much of an impact on a family Sunday than they do after work for two.


5. Killing Commendatore – Haruki Murakami

One of the world’s finest novelists returns with a surreal, subversive and moving story about a thirty-something portrait painter, abandoned by his wife, who secludes himself in the mountain home of a world-famous artist. There, in the attic, he discovers a mysterious painting that upends his very existence…



TOPMAN SAYS: If you haven’t heard of Murakami yet, where have you been? A classic (legendary) writer, Murakami’s novels are coming ever-more popular. Once you read one, you’ll want to read them all – and Killing Commendatore is no exception.


6. Knife – Jo Nesbo

In this, his twelfth thriller, Nesbo ups the ante to an astonishing degree by pitting his world-weary detective Harry Hole against the very first murderer he put in jail, now released and out to get revenge on the man who caught him. It’s a breath-taking ride through Norway’s darkest side.



TOPMAN SAYS: Now on this 12th thriller, you’ll all be familiar with Jo Nesbo and his hero Harry Hole by now. Taking us on Hole’s most personal journey yet, Nesbo’s dark, descriptive tone draws you in with every chapter. It’s a good job this book is so long… you won’t want it to end.




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