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5 Winter Beard Trends You Should Definitely Try Out

It’s winter: your face is cold. The temperature drops and you don’t have a beard to protect it like a fuzzy shield of armour. Short on some hairy inspiration? Here are the 5 winter beard trends we’re diggin’ the most.

Luckily, the experts at barbershop Ruffians have given us their advice on what beard styles we should be wearing this autumn/winter so that you’re no longer left tomato faced clutching a pumpkin spice latte to your cheeks as your tears freeze mid-fall.

From a full beard to shaped stubble, these beards are easy to achieve (if you can).


The Full Beard

What Is it?

Exactly what it says on the tin. With this beard, you can grow it out as much as you desire. This style is often not groomed or shaped as much, although some tending to the shape can be done to reign in those wild ones.

How to style

Well, don’t. But if you do, use an oil to increase softness and manoeuvrability. This will also help as the beard gets bigger (and itchier).



Rounded Full Beard

What is it?

Grow your beard to your intended length, then either round off the underside or create a boxed square under through the neck. Moustache hair is styled and removed from the lip. Usually, this beard style has more precise edges finished with straight razor; it’s much more uniform.

How to style

Style with beard balm or oil to exaggerate the shape cut in. A great way to add a bit more of a chiselled/contoured look to the face.



Medium Stubble Shaped

What is it? 

More popular by the day, this style is much easier and less time consuming to grow/maintain. It can be cut with tapered soft edges or incredibly shaped and precise (eg. Drake).

The tapered, more natural version is popular with those seeking low maintenance beards or attempting their first beard as it can be achieved at home. The more groomed and exact edged version of this style will require some expert hands to ensure your cheeks and neck lines are kept sharp and level.

How to style

No styling is required as the shortness will give it no movement.



The Magnum Beard

What is it?

A more recent debutant on the beard scene, this is popular with people seeking something a little different. The moustache is the centre piece of this style: the fuller the better. Keep a short or medium stubble through the cheeks to soften the contrast. It helps if your moustache is thicker, too.

How to style

Style with a moustache wax to make sure your ‘tash is ready to take to the stage.



The Ducktail Beard

What is it?

The distinguishable feature of this style is the point through the chin. This beard can be paired with different cheek combinations from short gradual stubble to an extended goatee style.

Moustache options can vary, too; personally, we think this style works well with a fuller ‘tash and shorter cheek.

How to style

Style with some oil or balm to pull and fix the chin shape.





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