5 Ways To Work From Home (And Actually Get Work Done)

If you’re taking some time to work from home, we’re sure you, like many other people, struggle to be 100% productive from 9-5 in your living room. Too many distractions? Boredom hunger getting the best of you? We get it.

Working from home may sound great at first, but getting in the right mindset and being able to actually focus is a whole other task. We’ve asked the guys in our office how they best work from home, in the hope that these tips might help you, too.


1. Try not to do the cheeky lie-in

Got a Skype meeting at 9am, so staying in bed until 8:55am just to brush your hair and be clothe-less waist down? As good an idea this may seem, realistically, you’re not going to be on your A-game. When you work from home, try to get up at a decent time so you can shower and dress at the very least. The morning is the best time for productivity so that you don’t feel weighed down with work later on. Kicking off your day well will give you a feel-good mood for the afternoon.


2. Create a good work space

If your work space is you sprawled out on your sofa, the chances are, you’ll find it pretty hard to concentrate (and your back will be in bits an hour in). Find yourself a desk or table, clean the area (really do clean it), and set up a work station that would give your office a run for its money. Laptop, notebook, pens, plants – get in the mode.


3. Plan your breaks

Just like you’d get up in the office to go and make a cup of tea at 10am (on the dot, every day, without fail), plan your breaks at home the same way. This will help you keep your focus without thinking about whether you want something or not (especially when boredom hunger comes in). You can also have the mindset of “I’ll get this done by 11am so I can have a 5 minute break“, which will help you get things done.


4. Try to cut out distractions

This includes having endless runs of Come Dine With Me playing in the background. The best way to cut out distractions is by mocking your work environment as much as possible. Don’t have music on in the office? Don’t play music at home. Usually work with a team of people? Get Skype going and interact more with your team. The only exception? Pets. Pet distractions are always ok.


5. Try to fit in some exercise

If you’re no longer doing your daily commutes, your body will miss out of that bit of exercise you probably never thought twice about before. Even if it’s getting up and doing some stretches in your living room, having a wander around the garden or doing a home work out in the garage, give your body a break and a little fresh air.




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