How To Turn Up Your Jeans

5 Tips for Turning Up Your Jeans

Most of us own a favourite pair of jeans that have been exhausted with every outfit combination ever – anything to avoid squeezing into a new pair of stiff jeans, right? 

But what about when we can’t push them any further? What about when people start to notice that this is the fifth night in a row you’ve now been wearing the same pair of Stella-stained jeans?

There’s actually a very simple, straightforward solution to keeping your jeans looking fresh when really, they’re not (at all). It’s the trick of the turn-ups…

How To Turn Up Topman Jeans


Turning up your jeans may seem like the smallest thing, but this small thing happens to totally transform your pair of jeans. By simply turning up the hems, you give your old pair of jeans a new lease of life so you can get away with wearing them out again with nobody noticing. Genius.


Here are our 5 tips to nailing the turn-ups:


1. Turn them up more than once


When turning up your jeans, you need to go for not one but two or more turn-ups, especially if your denim has a different wash on the inside. Giving it at least two turns ensures that any colouring plus the stitching of the hem is tucked away out of sight.

2. Keep it even

Don’t make the rookie error of turning up your jeans so that they finish unevenly. One leg longer than the other is not a good look. A trick to keep them as even as possible is to simply turn over the thick of the hem alone and then count as you fold them. Don’t laugh, just do it.

3. Are you short?

Good. Use this to your advantage. Think of all those tall boys who can’t turn up their jeans because the hems will end up sitting on their kneecaps. This is a cool look and it sorts out the ‘I can never buy jeans that fit me’ problem.

4. Not the skinnies, though

It’s generally best to avoid the old turn-ups on a pair of skinny jeans. We’re talking the really skinny kinds here; the second skin kinds. Why? Because turning over your hems will create a bulk and if the rest of your jeans are skin tight, this will just look a bit daft.


5. Mind what you’ve got on your feet

Be turn-up savvy. Think about what shoes you’re going to wear and only perform the turn-up transaction when you’re certain it will look good. Don’t just turn turn-up mad and throw any turn-up with any look. Pick your moments. Make it statement.


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