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5 Trends To Wear To Your Office Christmas Party

The festive season is in full swing and office Christmas parties across the globe are occurring right about… now.

The office Xmas do presents the ideal opportunity to show your colleagues what you’ve got. Admittedly, we can’t teach you any wild shapes to throw, but we can sure give you a nudge in the styling department. Here are the 5 trends you need to know for this years’ company p*ss up.


Patterned Shirts

The most forgiving of the Christmas party trends, a wild shirt can be your wardrobe’s new favourite item. It doesn’t have to be that festive, either. A bold pattern or a bright coloured shirt can jazz up any outfit on the dance floor.




One for the uncommitted (you can always take it off), an accessory can bring a whole new je ne sais quoi to your look that, once the drinks kick in, you’ll either resent wearing or relish in. No man can resist our accessories and, with our range of velvet bow ties and collar tips to some strapping braces to hold everything together, we can’t exactly blame them.



Smart Shoes

No office Christmas party is complete without somebody making an absolute t*t of themselves. Whether it’s dancing on the table or flourishing in the dreaded dad-dance, divert the centre of attention to the shoes. It’s fool-proof, trust us…



Bold Blazers

Blazers give a whole new suave-something to spice up any old look. Investing in an evening blazer is an ideal option for guys who are going straight from the office to the party. Throw your old one off and chuck your new one on (assuming you’re wearing jeans or black trousers, of course) and off you trot. Feeling bold? Some of our blazers get pretty flaunty.



Christmas Clothing

And, of course, if you’re one to fully indulge in seasonal festivities, a Christmas item of clothing cannot go amiss. Go statement in a jumper or keep it subtle in socks or boxers. Just be sure not to go and show Jane from accounts your new festive pants after a beer or two. Poor Jane.






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