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5 Reasons Why You Should To Get Back Into Cooking

We’ve heard it too many times: “I love food, but I don’t really cook’. Teaming up with Food At 52, we’re serving you plenty of reasons to get back in the kitchen and re-discover your zest.

Whatever the reason you’ve stopped cooking – be it long days at work or time restraints – you can’t deny that a good hearty meal is often just what we need. Takeaways are great, microwave meals will do, but proper cooking can help you maintain a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, and it’s great for well-being, too.

Food At 52 brings the soul back to the kitchen. Founded by partners John and Emily, their adoration for incredible food stemmed from travels around the world – discovering exquisite dishes that they realised they couldn’t go without. Bringing those dishes back to the UK, they begun cooking for their friends and, after high-demand, started their cooking school business. Just over 10 years later, they’ve now managed to inspire thousands of people to get back into the kitchen and find their love for cooking again.

In much need of some food therapy (and with ample curiosity as to how they bring back that kitchen spark), we headed down to the Food At 52 kitchens – set designed to look just as good as you own. Fresh of the plate, here are 5 reasons why you need to get back into cooking.



Improve your skills

If you’re someone who loves learning new skills, don’t think cooking can’t be one of them. From being able to recognise new ingredients (can you tell us what galangal is?) and how to properly de-membrane chillies to learning how to curate specific dishes and hone your knife skills, Food At 52, will teach it all. You’ll surprise yourself with how much know-how you walk away with, and they’re all skills to impress.

One of Food At 52’s classes is ‘Kitchen Confidence’ – a class or course of classes that teach you a culinary foundation where you can level-up your cooking skills. Master the art of pasta, learn how to prepare seafood and even how to conquer the infamous soufflĂ©. “This class is 60-70% male!”, Emily told us.

Eat better food

It’s easy to eat unhealthy foods because you have ‘no time’ to cook. It’s not until you sit down and learn what goes into a dish that one can appreciate how healthy it can be compared to supermarket counterparts. With our Thai Green Curry, we were mesmerised by the glut of goodness that went into our dish – it begs the question: when it comes to pre-made food do you ever really know what’s in it? (Hint: no)

If you’re an avid gym-goer or simply trying to stay in shape, cooking your own meals means taking back control of what you eat. Oh, and we don’t want to hear the time excuse either; it’s easy to make more than enough which you can freeze and eat as you go.

Meet new people

It’s hardly news that food unites people. “Food is there to share stories”, Emily tells us. Our Food At 52 class had people of all ages, both genders and all with different nationalities (yes, people travel to experience Food At 52). Once you get stuck into it, the unintimidating room fills with conversation about travels, work and life in general. It turns out, cooking is really social, and we’d prescribe that to everyone.

Expand your palate

There’s no better way to discover new flavours than to have them laid in front of you. At Food At 52, you’ll not only learn about a vast range of new ingredients, but you’ll also learn how to put them into your cooking – the right way. “It’s all about enjoying the creation of your food”.

Cook to impress

“It’s cool to be able to host friends and family”, Emily says. And she’s right. Cooking is a skill that’s quick to impress, assuming the cooking is good! Food At 52 started this way; John and Emily cooked for their friends who, in turn, wanted to be taught the recipes. Their classes and all about teamwork and conversation – there’s no competition in the house. Fueled off their ethos that food should bring people together, their recipes will be sent to you in larger scales (enough for, say, 10 people). This means you’re ready to step into your own kitchen and host others. If not, freeze away.



The Food At 52 Classes:

At Food At 52, you can pick and choose from a whole range of cuisines to experiment with:

Mexican Cooking Class

Fish and Seafood Cookery Class

Classic Italian Cookery Class

Thai Cookery Class

Moroccan Cookery Class

Southern Indian Cookery Class

Spanish Cookery Class

Vietnamese Cookery Class

Vegetarian Flavours of the World Cooking Class

Kitchen Basics Cookery Class and Course

Kitchen Confidence Cookery Class and Course

Authentic Italian Pasta Masterclass

Indian Street Feast Cookery Class

Vegan Cookery Class

Sicilian Seafood Cookery Class






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