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5 of the World’s Coolest Hotels You Need to Stay In

Life can be a drag – it’s hardly breaking news. Routine can become boring and the same faces you see every day that you once smiled at, you now find yourself scowling at, like a sad little feral cat. So, put down your beer and put some trousers on – the world is waiting and it’s only a click away (and a couple thousand miles and pounds, but details, details…).

We’re on a mission to highlight just some of the coolest places in the world that you never even knew existed. From kipping in treehouses way up high in the Blue Mountains of Austraila to sleeping with the sharks way down low in the oceans of Singapore, check out our top five destinations that we think everyone should stay in.

Aydinli Cave Hotel, Turkey

Calling all recluses! You think shutting yourself off in your man-cave with your mum delivering quarterly meals-on-wheels is secluded? Oh, no: this is. Turn your stinky man-cave into a real cave at the Aydinli Cave Hotel.

This hotel isn’t at all how we’ve painted its picture to be. The Aydinli Cave Hotel isn’t, in fact, a sad-man convention with ‘Sex, Drugs and Sausage Roll’ T-shirts around every corner; it is, instead, an incredibly unique, spell-bounding experience in the heart of the Cappadocia region of central Turkey. Cappadocia, for those who don’t know, is the semi-arid (basically a desert, we guess) region that is best known for its ‘fairy chimneys’. Google it. Now, we know what you’re thinking – we thought it too – but, despite these chimneys looking more phallic than we had ever expected, we’re all adults here… its culture, right?

Each of the rooms in the Aydinli Cave Hotel is set within the caves itself – it’s the epitome of authenticity here. Cappadocia is best-known for its tourist attraction of hot air balloons which, when in full-force, creates the most spectacular scape for you to sit back on your balcony and sink your pints in front of. Whether you prefer to explore the Cappadocia by balloon, horseback or even quad bike, there truly is a piece of tranquillity here for everyone.

Check out the man-caves of all man-caves here.


The Aydinli Cave Hotel, Turkey

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

There’s nothing quite like tucking into your morning tea and toast only to have a 20-inch deep purple slimly foreign object reach into the window and grab your breakfast out of your regretting hands. Obviously, we’re talking about Giraffes’ tongues here – what else?

The Giraffe Manor: The sanctuary of dreams for both Giraffes and Giraffe-fanatics alike. Unless you’re not a fan of the tall, spindly ungulate mammals, there is nothing you won’t like about this place. Set in a stunning 12 acres of private land with a surrounding 140 acres of indigenous forest, the Giraffe Manor boasts everything remarkable that Kenya has to offer.

Proud to label themselves as one of Nairobi, Kenya’s most reputable buildings, the Giraffe Manor is in no shortage of flocking guests arriving wide-eyed with the sanctuary’s giraffes at the forefront of their minds. This is no usual hotel; the giraffes are free to wander and the guests are encouraged to interact with them – especially at the Manor’s renowned breakfasts. In fact, most of the rooms in the Giraffe Manor have balconies or windows which enable guests to reach out to the giraffes 1:1; a safari experience in East Africa like you’ve never seen before.

Take a look at their website to see it for yourself.


The Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Feeding Frenzy is brought to life before your eyes at the Resorts World Sentosa. We’ve all seen the heart-breakingly decent videos on Facebook of restaurants inside aquariums, but we’ve managed to find one better: How do you fancy your hotel room being in one, instead?

The Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore, let’s you flourish your inner Ursula in their high-demand Ocean Suits. With 11 suits in total, you are promised a two-storey setting with a private pool/jacuzzi up top and a private, up close and personal viewing of the world’s largest aquarium with over 40,000 marine fishes in the bedroom downstairs. The best part? Right in front of the screen is a sunken bath, so you can actually feel like a real life, living, breathing fish, watching them swim around whilst aggressively chanting ‘Fish are friends, NOT FOOD” with a simultaneous fist pump.

As if none of this is satisfying enough, during your stay you will be indulged with a 5-star personalised butler service. Fish and chips, anyone?

Get down with the sharks on the hotel’s website.


Resorts World Sentosa Ocean Suits, Singapore

The London EDITION

A touch of London luxury should always be on the agenda, regardless of whether you live miles away from the capital or just around the corner. This is why we’ve hand-selected The London EDITION Hotel, a hotel that celebrates everything British and everything elegant. Situated in the heart of London (midway between Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Circus), The London EDITION stands strong amidst the social buzz of London’s hotspot. Never short of something to do in Fitzrovia and the surrounding areas of Soho, etc., you can utilize The London EDITION as a hub for all of your activities or, equally, stay in and indulge in the hotel and all of its glory – a staycation never hurt anybody.

Dining and entertainment is plenty at The London EDITION. There are multiple bars including their 19th Century inspired Punch Room for classy tea or whisky and their infamous restaurant, the Berners Tavern, decked out with paintings covering every inch of its walls.

In fact, we love The London EDITION so much, we decided to locate our latest Pack It In feature in the hotel – be sure to check it out. Otherwise, make sure you head over to their website to take a closer look.


The London EDITION Hotel, London

Soneva Kiri, Thailand

A six bedroom private villa on the island of Koh Kood, equipt with a personal pool and partnering slide? Go on then, we’ll take it.

This is what villas are supposed to be like: Masses of floor space over a variant of different levels and contributing separate buildings joint by connecting bridges and walkways. Big enough for 16 people – there are options for less, too – these villas allow you to live the life of pure luxury whilst you ‘find yourself’ in the middle of the untouched jungle. The upper floors of the villa showcase the astounding views whilst inside you can bathe in the privacy of your own outdoor bath. Only God can judge you now.

The highlight of the Soneva Kiri reserve has to be the Treepod Dining experience. This is where – much like an Oompa Loompa – you settle in a suspended ‘pod’ along the rainforest shoreline to enjoy your dinner (or breakfast, lunch or tea). When snuggled up in the trees, you are treated to exquisite Thai food which, fantastically, is all delivered to your Treepod by a waiter on a zip line. What’s for starters? Roasted nuts?

Check out Soneva Kiri and the sister resorts here.


Soneva Kiri Treepod Dining, Thailand

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