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5 Men That Prove You Need A Buzz Cut And Beard Combo

The buzz cut is still having it’s moment, and, when paired with a beard, it’s one of the most popular combos around. Lightweight, low maintenance and suited to most face shapes, here’s how these 5 men have done it best.

The buzz cut is a great hairstyle for many reasons, the main ones being that it literally requires 0 effort (other than the occasional trim), it can be roughed up or smartened to fit the occasion and it’s a great direction for any guy suffering thinning hair to take. Hats or no hats, we think these guys rock it best…


Tom Hardy

Top-drawer actor Tom Hardy is easily one of England’s coolest exports. He manages to pull off the shaved head and beard look impeccably – it’s a rough and ready look that simply works for him.



Rick Ross

We don’t have much to say about Rick Ross’ on-point grooming but we do have this cool anecdote: when being interviewed by GQ he took his entourage and the journalist to Louis Vuitton before turning to the writer and saying, “you see anything you want to fu*k with, courtesy of Rick Ross?”.



Justin O’Shea

Easily one of the coolest guys on the planet, Justin O’Shea has turned his goatee beard and shaved head into a signature style. It just goes to show how versatile this look is when you see how well it works with a suit.




It’s not just suits that look great with a shaved head – it’s pretty much tailor-made to bring out the best in streetwear looks, as Drake shows us here. This cleaner, well-kept version of the combo works well for keeping the look neat. A decent pair of trimmers is your best pal.




American rapper Common has been making this look work since he was called ‘Common Sense’, and it looks just as good now as it did when he debuted it. Another tidy trim, we just want to know how often he gets his beard seen to.





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